August 21st 2004

Today we held our August meeting of the JWB at Beagle Books. The September meeting will be held Sunday September 19 from 1:30 to 4 PM at Beagle Books in Park Rapids. Present were: Sharon, Russ, Cindie, Sandi.

The camera ready copy is done and will be mailed to the printer tomorrow. We are 2 to 3 weeks ahead of last year. The book will be 128 pages long instead of our usual 90 to 100. We should have the proof back in 2 1/2 weeks. After another review, the book will take 6 to 8 weeks after that.

We spoke of the Hackensack Arts Festival, coming up fast. It will be held on Saturday, August 28. Tarah and Sharon need to be there at 8 AM to set up. Others who will be at the tables selling books also need to be there early. Our group will read at 11:45. So far we have signed up: Sharon, Tarah, Jerry, Cindy, Marion, Roy. Possibly also Niomi and Russ. We encourage everyone to come and listen and browse and enjoy the day. We all need to support each other.

We need to bring: table cloths, book holders, gift wrap ribbons, JWB business cards, etc.

We have signed up for the Second Sunday in October (the 10th) at New York Mills Cultural Center. Our group needs to read there and probably have books for sale. We may have the new Talking Stick 13 by that time. We will let you know what time and other details when it gets closer.

The display of poems and photos by Sharon and Tarah is still in New York Mills. It will come down on August 21 or 22 to be at the Hackensack Arts Festival for one day on August 28. It will then be at the Perham Library for October and November. We also have two spots set up for 2005. We may add new items to the display from time to time.

We mentioned that we have thought of doing a book of our photos and poems. Someone also suggested making greeting cards with our photos and poems.

The workshop with Linda went just great. We would like to do another one with Florence. We would still like to do one by Mark Vinz. He does come to Park Rapids occasionally.

Several people brought items to read. We mentioned that we needed more practice reading, like up on the stage at the 10 year party. That was good experience for us.

We mentioned some possible writing exercises — writing a poem first, then writing it as a short story, then a prose poem, etc. Also perhaps rewriting someone else’s poem after they have read it. Another good thing to do is to rewrite your own story or poem from a different point of view.

We mentioned that besides doing the Talking Stick books, it would be fun to do a calendar like Minnesota Poetry used to do.

We had a good meeting, though some of our regulars were absent. We are looking forward to the Hackensack Arts Festival in two weeks.