Writers' Meetings
Aug 17 2021

August Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello Everyone, today we held our August 2021 meeting.

PRESENT: Sharon, Mike, Jan, Erin, Dawn, Niomi, Mary.

TALKING STICK 30: We are still reading proofs. We hope to have the book done by the end of August. We can then mail them out to the published writers.

At some point, we need to pursue the idea of a virtual writers’ workshop. Perhaps we could do one in October or November.

WRITING EVENTS: A special thank you to Niomi and Dawn for taking care of book sales in Hackensack at the Art and Book Festival this year. What a great job they did!

League of MN Poets had 21 categories for recent contests. Dawn entered some of her poems.

Today was the last day for the Blank Canvas event at the armory.

Poetry classes—Sarah Rose Nordgren smordgren@gmail.com.

Piper Writers Studio Fall 2021, creative writing classes and workshops. Pipercenter.info@reply.asu.edu.

Women of Words, classes and speakers, 11th annual writers’ conference via zoom. https://www.womenofwordsconference.com/speakers-2021. To register, go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/164746080963.

Place to submit poetry: Poems of Hope and Reassurance. http://www.linabelar.com/submit-a-poem.

Poetry Walk at Green Island in Wadena, MN. Open daily free of charge from 9 to 9. Flowers and sculpture.

We had a great time reading things we were working on while others critiqued. We had a great day and lots of good conversation. Hope to see you all next time!

Jul 21 2021

July Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello Everyone,

PRESENT: Niomi, Jan, Dawn, Sharon, Mary.

TALKING STICK 30 PROGRESS: We are still editing. We have ordered two proofs. We are on track to order the final book in August. We will not be having a book party this year due to a possible COVID resurgence. Some states are masking up again due to more cases.

We will be mailing out the books like we did last year. We hope that we can still have a book release party perhaps in October or November.

BOOK EVENTS: We will have a presence in Hackensack on August 14, 2021. We hope to sell lots of books. Niomi and Dawn will be selling books this year. We hope to be next to Mike again with his cabin story books.

Northwoods Writers Conference. This was all virtual this year. Dawn did auditing.

 Blank Canvas Gallery Art Show Revisited, August 11-15, 2021. They are having an 11 year anniversary celebration at the Armory Arts and Events Center.

 PRLAAC meeting—we were unable to attend the July meeting. It was noted that the concerts this year have been well attended.

Everyone who attended today had brought something to read. We had a great time listening and critiquing each other’s work. Most of us brought poetry but Niomi read us the beginning and end of her novel. We all enjoy these conversations. We love to talk about language and the way words work. Hope to see you all next time!

Jun 23 2021

June Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello Everyone, today we held our June 2021 JWB meeting.


Sharon, Mike, Dawn, Erin, Marlys, Mary.


We are making slow progress, still reading. Niomi, Marilyn, and Tarah have offered to proofread along with Sharon.


We are still up in the air about what we should do about a book party. We had our last couple of events at Smoky Hills. That has now sold and is called Jack Pines Resort. We could possibly still get into October but we still are not sure what we should do. We keep hearing that there could still be a resurgence of COVID this fall. Vaccines will only last a few months; people who have had COVID will have only a few months of being immune. Variants already seem to be spreading.


Even if we don’t have a book party, we could still have a virtual workshop, perhaps in October or November. We have discussed the possibility of doing book parties and workshops on separate days in the future instead of having both on one long day.


Hackensack Book & Art Fair, Saturday August 14, 2021 from 9 to 3. See us there to buy Talking Stick books and other books published by Jackpine Writers’ Bloc.

League of MN Poets will be holding their 23rd annual Woodtick Poetry Retreat this year.

Camp Candace was held earlier in June. This was a great collection of presentations by authors.

PRLAAC meeting in June. They are progressing with their Park Rapids events for 2021. They will NOT be doing the American Story event. Blank Canvas will have an event in August.

Northwoods Writers starts 06-22-21 for a week. This is a totally virtual event this year. There are workshops by authors and some evening reading events.


Mike is having a good year selling his books. His new book Cabin Fever is out this year and his previous books, Firewood Happens, Down at the Dock, and Crooked Lake Chronicles are all still selling also.

This was one of those especially enjoyable meetings. Everyone brought in good work and we had a pleasant few hours of critiquing and making suggestions. It is so wonderful to meet in person, whether masked or not, and even if we are a ways apart. Outside, the welcome rain was coming down slowly. It was a good day to be sitting inside discussing words and word usage. We had an all-day, much-needed rain. We could use lots more but we are grateful for what we got!

Hope to see you all next time!

May 19 2021

May Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our May 16, 2021 meeting.

PRESENT: Sharon, Mike, Dawn, Jan, Marlys, Mary, Niomi


The Book: We are progressing on TS30. We are doing this on a laptop now and Tarah and I pass the laptop back and forth as we each need to do things.

Possible book party: Things do seem to be opening up again. Possibly we could have a book release party this fall. We have heard that Smokey Hills Resort has new owners. We will try to contact them. Due to Sharon’s work load right now, it would probably have to be October instead of September. And then we could run into snow.


Mike attended the May meeting. They will not be having the short story event this year. They will be having various events during the summer and fall.


Marlys is taking a course or class through Insight Timer called Facing the Blank Page.

Playwriting Workshop, June 12-18. Contact info@northernlightopera.org.

North Beach Writers’ Retreat has 3 online retreats this summer. Patricia Hampl will lead a virtual memoir writing retreat June 12-13. Patricia Smith will lead a virtual poetry writing retreat June 17-18. Also MN author Shannon Gibney will lead a virtual young adult fiction writing retreat June 25-26. A couple of new classes this year include a Creativity class and a Healing through Writing class. More info: https://northbeachwritersretreat.com.

Blank Canvas Gallery Art Show Revisited August 11-15, 2021 at the Park Rapids Armory.

Places to check for online classes:





Places to submit:




We had a great time critiquing each other’s work. It seemed like we had some exceptionally fine writing today! Hope to see you all next time.