Writers' Meetings
Nov 29 2021

November Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello Everyone,

On Sunday, 11-21-21, we held our November meeting.

PRESENT: Ryan, Kim, Dawn, Sharon, Jan, Niomi, Marlys, Erin

TALKING STICK 30: All TS30 books have been mailed out. I am getting back lots of good comments and also some nice donations. Our writers are great. Next month it will be time to send out the new call for submissions.

WRITING EVENTS: We are working on Jan’s second poetry book. We will start soon on a poetry book for Erin. Tarah is working on a hardcover book for Mike. Ryan is working on self-publishing his novel.

Candace Simar is doing some mentoring with Marlys. We all love Candace.

Erin had a new collection of poetry nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

PRLAAC—no one at the meeting today was able to attend the November meeting. We will try to get an update later.

MISCELLANEOUS:  It was mentioned that there aren’t that many of the big book publishers any longer. We mentioned Penguin Random House, Little, Brown & Company, Simon & Schuster, MacMillan Publishers, Hachette Livre, HarperCollins. A lot of writers are going with self-publishing.

We had pleasant conversation about writing matters. Most of us attendees brought things that we read and others critiqued. Hope to see you next time—in January.


Oct 26 2021

October Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello everyone,


Mike, Ryan, Dawn, Sharon, Jan.


The book has arrived. We hope to start mailing the books out soon. We are tentatively planning a virtual workshop with Candace Simar in February. In December, we will be sending out the next call for submissions. We hope 2022 will be more of a normal year for our group.


     Mike attended the last PRLAAC meeting. They discussed Art Beat, Blank Canvas, Art Leap, the sculpture trail, events at the Armory, the mural project at Pioneer Park. Mike told them about TS30.

     Cate Belleveau has a book release and signing on Friday, October 29 at 3:30-6 at Four Pines Bookstore in Bemidji. Her book is Kayak Cate. Another book signing is Saturday October 30 from 10:30 to 1. She has a presentation at the Beltrami Co Historical Society from 2-3 on Saturday.

     Ryan is working on his novel. Jan is working on her next poetry book. Mike is thinking about doing a special hardcover edition of his first book. Sharon is working on her fourth poetry book.

Only one person had brought something to read—usually nearly all of us do. We also spent time discussing book titles and publishing. We had a quiet and relaxed meeting, always happy to spend time together.

Sep 22 2021

September Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello Everyone, today we held our September 2021 meeting.

PRESENT: Sharon, Mike, Jan, Ryan, Niomi

TALKING STICK 30: We are almost done proofing. We are getting the book done later than usual but we should probably be able to mail it out in late October. Then before we know it, it will be time to send out the next call for submissions in December!

WORKSHOP: We are hoping to put on another virtual workshop in February 2022, perhaps with Candace.

PRLAAC: Niomi attended the September meeting. They spoke of Art Leap, the Blank Canvas event (which was a huge success), and the Community Band.

WRITING EVENTS: Mike will be reading and selling books at Bookends in Wadena in November.

Niomi mentioned that author Jeanne Cooney had done a presentation for the Northwoods Arts Council in mid-September and did an excellent job. She writes humorous mysteries and had books for sale. This was at the Hackensack Hub and was a hotdish lunch. Cooney’s books: Hot Dish Heaven, A Second Helping, and A Potluck of Murder and Recipes.

We took turns reading things that we are working on while the rest critiqued. It was a good day with good conversation. Hope to see you all next time!

Aug 17 2021

August Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello Everyone, today we held our August 2021 meeting.

PRESENT: Sharon, Mike, Jan, Erin, Dawn, Niomi, Mary.

TALKING STICK 30: We are still reading proofs. We hope to have the book done by the end of August. We can then mail them out to the published writers.

At some point, we need to pursue the idea of a virtual writers’ workshop. Perhaps we could do one in October or November.

WRITING EVENTS: A special thank you to Niomi and Dawn for taking care of book sales in Hackensack at the Art and Book Festival this year. What a great job they did!

League of MN Poets had 21 categories for recent contests. Dawn entered some of her poems.

Today was the last day for the Blank Canvas event at the armory.

Poetry classes—Sarah Rose Nordgren smordgren@gmail.com.

Piper Writers Studio Fall 2021, creative writing classes and workshops. Pipercenter.info@reply.asu.edu.

Women of Words, classes and speakers, 11th annual writers’ conference via zoom. https://www.womenofwordsconference.com/speakers-2021. To register, go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/164746080963.

Place to submit poetry: Poems of Hope and Reassurance. http://www.linabelar.com/submit-a-poem.

Poetry Walk at Green Island in Wadena, MN. Open daily free of charge from 9 to 9. Flowers and sculpture.

We had a great time reading things we were working on while others critiqued. We had a great day and lots of good conversation. Hope to see you all next time!