Mar 18 2020

March Meeting Minutes 2020

Hello Everyone, Sorry. I am a bit late getting these minutes out.


Sharon, Dawn, Ryan, Marlys, Erin, Jan, Trevor, Kelly, Mary.


     March 1 was our deadline for submissions. We are reading them now and will have an Editorial Board meeting in early April to choose the ones to go into the book and the top few to go to the outside judges for the prize money. We have slightly less submissions this year but they look to be good quality.

     We have made the first down payment for our workshop and book release party on September 19, 2020.


     We heard that Luke Anderson has died. We fondly remember Luke and his farm poems. We miss you, Luke.

     We are still accepting bids on the sculpture that was donated to Jackpine Writers’ Bloc. The information is on our website.

     The UND Writers’ conference on March 25 (?) was cancelled.

     No one who attended today’s meeting was able to attend the March PRLAAC (Heartland Arts) meeting. We hope to get a report next month.

     Dennis Staples from Cass Lake has had a murder mystery published. It is called This Town Sleeps.

     Check out online poetry classes at SpeakEasy poetry.

     We had two new writers that we invited to this meeting. Kelly and Trevor, welcome.


Who knows with this coronavirus if we will be able to meet next month or not. Even if we are under 10 people meeting, maybe Bella Caffe won’t be open. We just don’t know. We will address when we get closer.

We read and critiqued and had great conversations. Hope to see you all next time!

Feb 18 2020

February Meeting Minutes 2020

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our February 16, 2020 meeting.


Mike, Sharon, Jan, Marlys, Mary


     The call for submissions has been out since late December. Deadline is March 1, 2020. Be sure to get in your submissions. Send us your best!

     We have been in touch with Smokey Hills Resort near Osage, MN. Our date of Sept. 19, 2020 for our workshop and book release party has been confirmed. We have our workshop instructor and the judges all determined. Advertising flyers will be out in a few months.


The Blank Canvas Art Gallery opened in Park Rapids in June 2010. It was open until 2010 and now just have an online presence. They have a tentative reservation for the Park Rapids Armory for June 17-21, 2020. It will be open to the public on June 19, 20, and 21. If you are interested in assisting or exhibiting, please contact Jerry Wegenast at 218-234-1416 cell and 928-252-3048 home.


     Mike is going to talk soon with the Nevis Seniors about writing. They are taking a class on MN Authors with LouAnn Muhm.

     Mike attended the February PRLAAC meeting. They always have many events in progress. They are going to take a year off from the Great American Storyteller event.

     Erin was asked to be part of a group doing readings in Minneapolis at the Plymouth Congregational Church.

     April 1 is the deadline to submit original poetry for MN Voices. Some will be selected for reading on Thursday, April 16, 2020 at noon at the Wadena County Museum as part of National Poetry Month. Contact Lina Belar:

     4th annual Rosemount Writers Festival and Book Fair, Saturday March 21, 2020 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

     Minnesota Northwoods Writers Conference at Bemidji State University June 22-28, 2020.

     Check out for info on Memoir Retreat with Patricia Hampl on June 23-27, 2020 and Poetry Retreat with Patricia Smith on June 2-6, 2020.


Check out Ed2Go.

Check out Online Coursera University.

Check out The Loft in MPLS.

We read and critiqued and enjoyed each other’s company. Hope to see you all next time!

Jan 21 2020

January Meeting Minutes 2020

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our January 2020 meeting of the Jackpine Writers’ Bloc.


Sharon, Ryan, Mike, Jan, Dawn, Mary


     Blueberry Pines is still going up, all enclosed and the roof is on. I’ve heard it’s a small dining area so it might never work again for a book party. We are scheduled now for Smokey Hills Resort on Sept 19, 2020.

     The TS29 call for submissions has been sent out. March 1 is the deadline. Be thinking about what you want to submit. Get them in!

     We now have all our judges and instructor for TS29.


     Mike plans to attend the Rosemount event on March 21 to sell books. Info from

     Ryan said he has attended the MN Writers Conference in the past. This year’s event is on March 7. More information from Chuck Sambuchino at

     MN Northwoods Writers Conference at Bemidji State University. June 22-28, 2020. 218-755-2851. for information on poetry and memoir workshops in Park Rapids in 2020.


     Mike hopes to attend the next two PRLAAC meetings. No one was able to attend in December or January.

     Sharon is still enjoying a book called Wingbeats. This book has chapters from various poets, each with prompts. This book is very helpful in getting ideas and methods for creating new poems. Sharon is also still doing a class from Ed2go.

We had a good time listening to each other read and then critiquing. Last month we had sent out a list of words and asked our members to each write a poem using the words. This was a fascinating prompt and we had a good time with it.

Hope to see you all next time!

Dec 18 2019

December Meeting Minutes 2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our December meeting.

PRESENT: Ryan, Sharon, Dawn, Jan, Mary.

TALKING STICK 29: In a week or so, the call for submissions will go out for our next book. We will be doing the shorter submissions again. The board has been discussing doing something special for volume 30, perhaps accepting longer submissions for that book.

WRITING EVENTS: Dawn attended a poetry slam in Bemidji. These take place at Red Stu, a restaurant in Bemidji. She has been enjoying these. They are put on my Marsh M.

Rosemount Writers Festival and Book Fair, Saturday March 21, 2020, 9 AM to 4:30 PM. Sue Stein at

 2020 MN Writing Workshop, a one day writers conference in St Paul, MN on Saturday, March 7, 2020.

MN Northwoods Writers Conference June 22-28, 2020 at Bemidji State University in Bemidji, MN. Info: 218-755-2851.

Sharon is still enjoying her class with Poets Laureate with TLA Network. She is also taking an editing class with Ed2Go. Both are good.

GOOD BOOKS: Amazing Story Generator by Jay Sacher. This is a fun flip book with various ideas of subject, location, etc. The options are endless.

Wingbeats: Exercises & Practice in Poetry

Many poets have contributed poem prompts and ideas.

If You Lived Here, You’d be Home by Now by Christopher Ingraham.

Many of us have discovered Allen Eskens’ books and love them. The Life We Bury and more.

We hope to have an update from PRLAAC at some point. We can add it to the next meeting minutes.

Most of us brought something to read this time and the rest of us critiqued. We got into a good conversation about today’s social media and the good and the bad about it. We decided it is best to Be Kind, Be Reflective, Be an Introvert, Have Humility. Stop and think before you click and send a reply out into the world.

In Sharon’s class, one of the prompts was to use a list of words and create a poem from it. We are going to be trying this. We will send out a list of words and anyone who wants to, can write a poem using those words. You can use all the words, or just some of them. You can bring the poem to the next meeting or send it to Sharon and she will print them out and bring them. Even if you can’t attend the next meeting, please do the poem and send it to Sharon. We’d love to see the variety that people can come up with. If you can’t do a poem, maybe try a really short, short story.

Good meeting! Hope to see you all next time!