Writers' Meetings
Oct 19 2022

October Meeting Minutes 2022

Hello Everyone, today we held our October meeting.

PRESENT: Ryan, Jan, Erin, Marlys, Dawn, Sharon

TALKING STICK INFO: Last month we had our Candace Simar workshop and Talking Stick 31 book release party. We had good attendance, good food, sold books, and received donations. The day went very well. It was so nice to see our writer friends again after two years of not being able to have book parties because of COVID. Thanks to Candace for a great workshop.

OTHER BOOKS: Sharon and Tarah are working on Mike’s next book. Richard wants to do another poetry book. Niomi is working on her novel. Sharon hopes to do a fourth poetry book.

MISCELLANEOUS: Sharon is taking a 10-week online poetry class with LouAnn Muhm, using Ted Kooser’s book Poetry Home Repair Manual.

Last week Marlys attended Lake Superior Writers Book Club where Candace Simar was a presenter. Ryan attended and sold his books at the Deep Valley Book Festival in Mankato on October 1 and also the Twin Cities Book Festival on Oct 15.

The League of MN Poets has an event coming up on Nov 4-6 at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria.

There is a poetry slam Thursday, October 20, 2022 in Bemidji. 6:30 to 9 PM. Watermark Art Center. Email

lgrunzke@watermarkartcenter.org for more information.

Try Text to Speech in Word to have the computer read your work back to you. Not sure if this is available on older Word programs but it can be a helpful tool.

We did not have anyone present to report on the PRLAAC meeting this month. We hope to next month.

We spent some time reading things we are working on and others critiqued. We had fun again with the list of words that we send out each month. We are sad winter is arriving but perhaps we will have more time to write! Hope to see you all next time.

Aug 23 2022

August Meeting Minutes 2022

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our August meeting. We will NOT have our regular September meeting as that would be the same weekend as our book release party. We may have a quick short meeting between 8 and 9 AM if we have time after getting all set up for the book party/workshop.


Sharon, Jan, Dawn, Mary.


Our Talking Stick 31 books should be arriving soon.


We’ve paid for half the event. I have to review lunch again soon. 19 have now signed up for the workshop; more like 30 for the book party. We plan to go up the Friday night before and get the tables set up. We will be there at least at 8 AM on Saturday morning to get set up.


     We are starting the proofing on Mike’s next book on hunting stories.

     Written on a T-shirt: I’m a Writer. What’s your Super-power?


     The Book and Art event at Hackensack (August 13) had a great day. They had more displays than normal, good music, and a bigger crowd than normal. Mike sold lots of books—in fact, he sold out of some of them. We sold a few TS books. Sharon sold some of her poetry books. Candace Simar had a presentation at Hackensack.

     At this event, they had something they called Poetry Safari. Writers were invited to send in poems. Two of John Thornberg’s were chosen. One of Sharon’s was chosen. These and 8 others were put on display throughout the event area. People were invited to find them all and write down the big letter that was on each display. These letters formed an 11-letter word. If you figured out the word, you won a journal.

We had a good time reading and critiquing each other’s work. Three of us chose to use the list of words this time. We had good conversations and hated to leave and go home. Hope to see you all next time.

Jul 21 2022

July Meeting Minutes 2022

Hello Everyone, today we held our July meeting.

PRESENT: Sharon, Dawn, Marlys, Jan, Erin, Niomi, Mary.


     Talking Stick 31 is in the final proofing stages. We are ordering one more proof next week. Then we will order our big batch of books, hopefully to receive in August.

     The Book Party and workshop—we are signing people up for the Candace Simar workshop. We have only about 10 for the workshop so far, so let’s get signed up. We have about 30 already for the book release party. We will send out the invites again soon.

     In late July or early August, we will by paying half the fee for the book party.


     Look up League of MN Poets. They are having a bunch of contests right now for poetry submissions.

     Erin attended the Northwoods Writers event in Bemidji and did in-person auditing. She said it was a great event as usual.

     The Northwoods Arts Council Book and Art Festival will be held on Saturday Aug. 13. Dawn and Sharon will be there to sell books. They are having some poems on display this year—Sharon will have one of her poems there. John T will have two of his poems there. Candace Simar will be there with a presentation.

     Mike won his event at MIPA for Cabin Fever. Hooray, Mike! We will be starting on his next book soon—this one will be about hunting.


We have been talking about doing something slightly different for TS32. We will give one or two lists of words. If a writer wants to, they can use those words in their submission. We’ll call this Words with a Twist.”


We had been noticing that many of the local publications where we used to be able to submit are now no longer in existence. We really miss them and we are glad we are still able to continue, so far, with the Talking Stick. We listed Dust & Fire from Bemidji and the Lake Region Review from Fergus Falls. We also mentioned that some of us had been published in Lake Country Journal, LakesAlive, and Northwoods Woman. Those magazines are still in existence but it seems like they have changed and perhaps don’t publish as much as they used to. We are glad there are still a few local places remaining where we can submit.

We had a lively discussion, read things we were working on, and critiqued. Hope to see you all next time!

Jun 20 2022

June Meeting Minutes 2022

Hello Everyone,

Today we had a short meeting. It was Father’s day and we only had a couple of us attending.


Sharon, Mike.


We are in the proofing stage now. We would like to hurry up and get this book done as we have others waiting.


This is on. Jack Pines Resort near Osage MN. Saturday Sept. 17, 2022. We are getting people lined up.

Writers’ workshop with Candace Simar (Scene, the Building Block of Story) from 9 to 12 including lunch for workshop attendees. Book release party from 1 until approx. 4 PM. After that, some of us will have supper at Jack Pines Resort. Cabins available at Jack Pines Resort.

PRLAAC (Heartland Arts):

No one from JWB was able to attend this meeting for June. The meetings are now on the second Monday of each month. Mike got the minutes. There will be a Heartland Arts Newsletter with 2 issues per year. This year, the group’s plans include Art Leap, Sculpture Trail, Northern Lights Opera, etc.


Next week the MIPA event will be held. Mike’s book Cabin Fever is a finalist in humor.

The Northwoods Book and Art Festival is coming up on August 13 in Hackensack MN. This year they have asked for poetry submissions and they will have some of the poems on display during the event.

North Beach Writers’ Retreat Aug. 13-17, 2022. https://northbeachwritersretreat.com

Summer Poetry Workshop with Sarah Nordgren srnordgren@gmail.com. Writing the Living World.

Minnesota Northwoods Writers Conference in Bemidji, June 20-27, 2022. writersconference@bemidjistate.edu.


Annette Gagliardi has a new book A Short Supply of Viability that will be available soon. https://thepoetrybox.com/bookstore/viability.

Because there were only two of us, we did not do any reading. We will save them for the next meeting. Hope to see you all next time.