Jun 20 2016

June Writers’ Meeting

Hi Everyone, Today we held our June meeting.

PRESENT: Sharon, Jan, Mike, Jerry.

TALKING STICK 25: TS25 is in the editing stage. This will be a larger book than usual.

PAST WRITING EVENTS: Jerry attended parties for Marge Barrett and Laura Hansen for their new books. Both events were very well attended.


There will be a book signing for Mike Lein at Book World in Park Rapids in early July. Info coming later.

Deadline June 30, 2016. Park Rapids Lakes Area Arts Council is sponsoring a new event—the Great American Story—for oral storytellers. For entry information and rules, go to www.thegreatamericanstory.org.

Brainerd Writers Alliance 2016 Writing Contest—deadline 8-24-16. Contact contest chair Bev Abear at 218-828-7750 orbrainerdwriters@gmail.com.

Hackensack Book Art Festival will be held Saturday 8-13-16. More info coming.


Check out Dorset Books in Dorset with new owners.

Ryan couldn’t attend today but he sent us a quote that called to him. This is a quote from a poet called Adrienne Rich. “Poetry is the liquid voice that can wear through stone.”

We had a low attendance today because of Father’s Day but we still had a great meeting with lots of good information. Most of the writers read things they are working on. Jerry read us the intro to his next book That Reminds Me.

May 16 2016

May Writers’ Meeting

Hi Everyone, today we held our May meeting. (If you are interested in attending a meeting, please email Sharon at sharrick1@wcta.net)

Marlys, Erin, Dawn, Ryan, Sharon, Deb, Jan, Mike, Niomi, Mary, Barb.

Tarah has the cover and the layout mostly done for the book. Sharon is now starting serious editing. This is our special 25th book (though the group has only been together for 23 years) and is quite a bit larger than previous books.

Sharon, Tarah, and Jan attended a poetry reading by James Bettendorf on Saturday, May 14, 2016, at the Park Rapids Library. We have enjoyed many of James’ poems in past Talking Sticks and we love his reading voice.

The Loft in MPLS has many excellent writing classes as usual. There are some very good poetry online classes right now that Sharon wishes she could attend.
June 20-26, 2016 MN Northwoods Writers conference at Bemidji State.
July 2, 2016. Mike Lein will have a book signing at Book World in Park Rapids. His book is called Firewood Happens. More info on that to come.
August 13, 2016 Northwoods Book and Art Festival in Hackensack MN. More info on that to come.
September 17, 2016 Jackpine Writers’ Bloc workshop with Faith Sullivan and Book Release Party for Talking Stick 25. More info being sent out on this. New location this year: The Patio near Hubbard MN.
September 11, 2016. Farm by the Lake in Bagley will have an event with singers, writers, etc. We will send out more info on that in the future.

Many of the attendees read things that they are working on. All in all, it was a fun day with lots of great conversation. Hope to see you next time!

Apr 18 2016

April Writers’ Meeting

Hi Everyone, Today we held our April 2016 monthly meeting.

PRESENT: Ryan, Mike, Niomi, Jan, Dawn, Sharon, Mary, Jerry, Lina, Jill.

TALKING STICK: TS25 is progressing. All the NO letters have been sent out last week. The YES letters went out Friday. I have now called the 6 top winners to inform them. The letters to the other top honorable mention writers (with judges’ comments) will go out Monday. We were delighted to have so many submissions this year but it has, of course, made everything take a bit longer. Tarah has the cover mostly done. We are just beginning basic editing and then Tarah will get serious on the order of the book and the layout.

COMING WRITING EVENTS: Jerry is progressing on the Great American Story event for September. He is also progressing on the event at the museum in August where we will have a room of books for the whole month there.

April 22 at Central Lakes College, Verse Like Water to host the current US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera to celebrate National Poetry Month. Also he will be reading at Long Prairie/Grey Eagle that morning at 8:45. Verse Like Water is the visiting poet program at Central Lakes College. Email Jeffrey Johnson at JJohnson@clcmn.edu or call 218-855-8102 or 320-260-4959 for more information.

April 22-24, 2016, 2nd Annual Writers’ Weekend in Lanesboro, MN with Candace Simar. www.Candacesimar.com for more information. www.annavbb.com or 507-467-2686 to register.

April 23, 2016, 1-4 PM at Midland Hills Country Club, Roseville MN—10th annual publishing vendor fair, sponsored by Midwest Independent Publishing Association (www.mipa.org) is a chance to talk to publishing professionals, including editors, designers, printers, publishers, etc. Also on hand will be authors to talk about their writing lives, including Faith Sullivan, who will talk about her books and how she writes. Her latest book, Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse, was selected by the Wall Street Journal as one of the ten best fiction books of 2015.

Self-Publishing E-books and Print Editions—a free webinar on April 27, 2016, at 1 PM EDT. From: Publishers Weekly [mailto:PW_Daily=email.publishersweekly.com@mail14.atl71.mcdlv.net]

Subject: Join BookLife for this FREE Webinar on Self-Publishing E-Books and Print Editions.

PAST WRITING EVENTS: Jerry attended a Loft class with Kate St. Vincent on memoir writing. Here are a few tips that he learned: have a strong beginning, have a dramatic arc, watch tenses and point of view, use sense of smell and touch. An event is important but the person’s response to an event is more important.

MISCELLANEOUS: Niomi is back from Hawaii! Mike is now a master naturalist.

We had a discussion of commas and how the use of them has changed over the years. We decided that being correct in punctuation is very important. But someone also said that meaning can be more important than form. Sometimes you do need extra commas for pacing or for clarity.

Good to see everyone today. Several of us read and others critiqued. We kept talking out on the street, not wanting to stop! Hope to see you all next time.

Mar 21 2016

April Writers’ Meeting

Hi Everyone,
Today we held our March meeting. The next meeting will be held on April 17, 2015, from 12:30 to 3 PM at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN.

Mike, Ryan, Scott, Donna, Jill, Jill, Jerry, Sue, Joan, Barb, Dawn, Sharon, Marlys.

We are progressing on the book. The Editorial Board meeting was yesterday so we have chosen the submissions to be published in the book. We had over 100 more writings than last year so this was a big job.
Over the next week or two, we will get the acceptance or rejection letters sent out.
We will have a flyer out soon for both the book release party and the workshop with Faith Sullivan.

Jerry will be taking a class on memoirs at the Loft on Saturday April 16, 2016, with Kate St. Vincent Vogt.
Sharon has enjoyed several of the online poetry classes at the Loft. They are expensive but they really work for her. You get lots to print out and read and there are chats if you want them. Or you can just do the assignments. There are many great poem prompts.
PRLAAC The Great American Story program is progressing. The deadline for entries is April 15, 2016. Limited to 50 entries. The program is September 24, 2016. The stories are meant to be read aloud.
For the month of August, we will have a room at the Museum in Park Rapids with books and furniture. This will be to help celebrate our 25th book this year.
Tuesday, April 5, 2016. Headwaters Center for Lifelong Learning presents Eric Bergeson with A Treasury of Old Souls. This will be from 1 to 2:30 at Armory Square in Park Rapids MN. The program is free. The book is about the lives of older members of Eric’s hometown.
April 6-8, 2016 at the University of ND in Grand Forks. This is the 47th annual UND Writers Conference. This year’s focus is The Art of Science. No charge but a gift is requested to support the conference ($50 or more is suggested). For more information, the schedule of events, and list and bios of guest writers, see www.undwriter4sconference.org.

Deb has had her baby. She is now editing Jerry’s next book which she plans to be done with by the end of March.
We are nearing completion on Mike’s book. The next proof books will come next week.
Scott showed us his Cloud Book and highly recommended it. This is a smaller lighter tablet/laptop that is used for writing. He has Right Monkey, Focus Writer, and Novelize programs on the device. If anyone is interested, we can get Scott to write up his information and get it in the next meeting minutes. It sounded like a great device.

Many attendees read things that they are working on and the rest of us critiqued. Hope to see you next time!