December 10th 2006

We had a good meeting today. Present were: Ted, Tom, Nancy, Cindie, Edy, Tarah and Sharon.

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, January 21, 2007 at Beagle Books in Park Rapids, MN. However, we will have a new time. The store wants to close earlier. We will meet from 12:30 to 3 PM that day.

November was Write a Novel in a Month. 13 JWB writers started and 4 finished. There were 79,813 internationally who signed up and 12, 948 who finished. Many others who started did at least come up with something that they can use and work with even if they didn’t come up with the 50,000 words. The winners will receive frameable certificates. Congrats!!

We have sent Talking Stick 15 Choices in for the 2006 MN book awards.

Our new book is selling very well. We’ve been getting emails and phone calls from as far as San Francisco. We have received so many comments and compliments on the cover and the contents of this book.

Our book release party was a huge success with from 40 to 45 people. Wonderful time. It is great meeting new writers as well as seeing old friends again.

Here is something that looks like so much fun. Go to for more information. An established writer wrote the first chapter. Then other writers send in a second chapter. People vote. A second chapter is chosen. Then writers can send in a third chapter, etc.

This is a store in Fargo. They are selling our books and they would like to arrange some readings. We need to see if we can schedule that.

We would like to buy and sell some T-shirts for JWB. Help us think of some clever saying that has to do with writing. Like “Old writers never die, they just…” or some phrase from a poem or book. We could also do mugs or pens or something.

20 X 20:
We are still working on this. We plan to do this next summer in conjunction with the museum.

WRITING OPPORTUNITIES: Deadline: Dec. 31, 2006–What I Love or Hate about the Holidays. Deadline; Dec. 31, 2006–
visit website for new submission guidelines

See you next time!!