Down the Hill one Last Time!

Louise Bottrell, one of our northern Minnesota writers, passed away in June last year before she could publish a memoir she had worked on for over twenty years. While she was able to complete it before her death, the publishing efforts were undertaken by her husband Jim and children Cindy and Mike. Down the Hill One Last Time by Louise Bottrell is now available on Amazon for anyone wanting to read about a young farm girl growing up during WW II and the post-war 1940s.

Louise’s primary goal in writing the memoir was to preserve the memories of family relationships she cherished so much growing up. Her hope was that readers would gain insight into what the importance of a loving and supportive family meant for her. There will be some copies of Louise’s book available from her husband Jim if you wish to contact him at

Many of Louise’s stories and poems have been published by the Jackpine Writers’ Bloc in various Talking Stick volumes over the years.