It is 12:51pm on Saturday, December 16th 2017

Firewood Happens

We are so proud to announce the publication of Mike Lein’s book Firewood Happens! Mike Lein has been a part of our group for many years and we could not wait to be a part of his new book! Now, published by the Jackpine Writers’ Bloc click the link to purchase Mike’s new book!

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  1. Jim Krotzman:

    Nothing new is in this memoir Firewood Happens, but I identify with the author’s experiences. He spent 15 years building a cabin in northern Minnesota; I have spent three years so far. We seem to be in the same circumstances. No real budget for a cabin, no carpentry skills to speak of, just an enjoyment of nature and the wild.
    This book contains short essays about cabin life in northern Minnesota. Duck hunting. Fishing with red and white spoon. Gathering firewood from downed timber, the stubbornness of chainsaws. The author appreciates the beauty of the sunrise and fog and one last fall day of duck hunting. He does use many worn out cliches and similes. He does have some good advice though, “Not every outdoor experience needs to be easy to be enjoyed.” (154) “Life is not always simple, even at the lake, even at our small cabin.” (155) Electricity is a blessing; television is a curse. “Perhaps the universe is badly out of order even here in the woods.” “…to not under any circumstances, build the deck until the cabin in finished or a least livable.” (165) A deck lures one away from work on the cabin. “Never leave the cabin without taking a timeout.” I recommend this book for cabin owner wannabes.