July 19th 2004

Today we had our July meeting of the Jackpine Writers’ Bloc. The next meeting will be Sunday, August 15 at Beagle Books in Park Rapids from 1:30 till 4 PM.
Present today: Sharon, Tarah, Russ, Jerry.


The workshop by Linda Henry on July 31 is filling up fast. We have 19 people signed up. Looks like it will be a great workshop.


We reviewed some of the plans for the 10 year party and discussed a few final items. We will see if we can take the tables and chairs the day before. We should send an invitation to the Life Long Learning Center. We also need to take the invitation cards to the library. We are working on getting people lined up to read during the 10 year party program. Cindie, Sharon and Jerry met last Thursday to go through some of the final details and job assignments. Anyone interested in helping, contact Sharon at sharrick@wcta.net. Anyone interested in reading during the program, contact Jerry at riverman@wcta.net. (We already have 3 or 4, but a few more would be nice.) We especially would like you to read from your published works in previous Talking Stick books. Our books will be for sale.


The display of poetry and photographs by Sharon Harris and Tarah Wolff is now on display at New York Mills Cultural Center through August 22. There will be a reception on Thursday, July 29, from 5-8 PM. Hope to see you there!!


We are making fine progress on the book. Contracts have been sent out. We had submissions from 88 authors and photographers. They sent in 259 submissions. Out of these, we accepted work from 56 authors and photographers. The accepted items include 13 stories, 68 poems and 11 photographs. Last year, we did a 98 page book, but this year we are expanding it ot 128 pages. The layout is nearly done — we are in the proofreading stage now. The book should be done by October. As usual, we will have a book release party at that time.


We each read some of our work and got some very helpful comments from the others.