July 20th 2008

Our next meeting will be held the third Sunday of August, on August 17, 2008, at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3PM.

*****(NOTE: The September meeting may be held on Saturday, Sept. 20 at 12 Noon or so, right ahead of the Book Party/Annual Celebration at Northwoods Bank in Park Rapids MN—instead of on the third Sunday.)

We had 16 people at today’s meeting, surely a record. Present: Sharon, Tarah, Niomi, Christina, Joanne, Luke, Rosa, Bette, Scott, John, Charlee, Marion, LuAnne, Jodi, Mike, and Vern.

This was found in Minnesota Literature by one of our writers. “Like stones, words are laborious and unforgiving, and the fitting of them together, like the fitting of stones, demands great patience and strength of purpose and will.” Edmund Morrison.

2008 Confluence Writing Contest. Go to www.moabconfluence.org/writingcontest.cfm for more information or call Laurie Collins at 435-220-0068. The theme is the writing of Edward Abbey. $250 cash prize and publication. 5000 words or less, must be submitted by 9-15-08. Winner announced 10-19-08.

1 Hackensack—Don’t forget, the Hackensack Book Art Festival is coming up on Saturday, August 23, 2008. We will go to sell books. They are also having a poetry contest this year for members of the 4 main writing groups that attend this event. We would like some volunteers to help sell books. Email Joanne Moren for more information moren@uslink.net.

2 JWB Book Release Party and Annual Celebration—Set for Saturday, September 20, 2008 at Northwoods Bank Community Room at Northwoods Bank in Park Rapids MN. The plan is to start at 1PM, hand out the TS17 books to the TS17 accepted writers, visit and snack; one of the judges will be in attendance, signing his books. Around 2PM, we will start the program, the judge will perhaps do a reading and announce the winners, and the TS17 writers will be able to read their published writings. We would like some volunteers to help out by bringing food and to assist with handing the books out to the Talking Stick 17 writers as well as selling other books. We may have a quick meeting perhaps at 12 Noon ahead of the party instead of having it on the following day.

3 Borealis Books in Wadena has lots of good events. Be sure to check them out. For more information, call Borealis Books in Wadena. Email: glkempf@borealisbookstore.com.

Scott has been attending the PRAALC meetings (Park Rapids Area Arts). He is asking for some help from the group for the Northern Light Opera (Into the Woods) on Thursday July 31, 2008 at 7 PM. He needs people to bake brownies and/or assist that evening. He needs from 2 to 4 more people to help.

1 Kate Hopper—August 2, 2008, Writing for Family. Email Cindie for more information and to sign up. cindiee@hotmail.com.

2 Rosa Carlisle—The Artist’s Way: A 12 Week Recovery Program and Creativity Workshop coming August 12. THIS WORKSHOP IS ALREADY FULL.

This fun and thought-provoking exhibit will be on display for the general public at Jackpine Java in Park Rapids MN from July 14 through Aug 2, 2008. They are open Monday through Saturday. Twenty Minnesota artists were selected to each bring one piece of artwork. Twenty Minnesota writers were selected and then randomly matched up with the artwork. They then had the task of writing a one page story or essay that was inspired by the artwork. (A private reception for the 20 artists and 20 writers is scheduled later.) We plan to create chapbooks with the artwork and the writings to give to each participant. They will be available for sale later to the general public.

1 Scott’s workshop—This was held in June and we had 12 participants. That was an excellent workshop with very helpful handouts and lists of books for research and assistance in writing.

2 Benefit Golf Tournament at Fair Havens Golf—We had wonderful weather and made money for the group. We did have one less team than last year and a few less sponsors, but still a great event.

3 Gallery North Book Fest in Bemidji—Unfortunately, no one from our group was able to attend this. We want to make sure to attend next year.

LuAnne brought a sample of Burmese poetry. It has a long and distinguished history. Classical Burmese poetry comes in many lengths and forms, but most of it is characterized by a repeated sequence of 3 internally-rhymed lines consisting of 4 syllables each—a pattern that has become known as a Climbing Rhyme. Try it out!! We all learn by stretching ourselves. Often we learn that we can do something that we thought we couldn’t do. Sample:


Cluttered desk annoys

unused toys hide,

swell, buoyed by dust.

Thanks, everyone for attending. We had such a good turnout today and listened to some fine writing. See you next time!!