July Meeting Minutes 2023


Sharon, Mike, Marlys, Jan, Erin.


The books are done and ordered and should be here this coming week. We were worried about a UPS strike possibly coming on August 1 so we wanted to get them done and delivered.

Be sure to sign up for the workshop or book party if you wish to attend on Saturday, Sept. 16. We are discussing lunch with them right now, probably soup and sandwich like we have done the last few years.


Hackensack is coming up. Saturday August 12 from 9 to 3. Niomi and her daughter and Dawn and Sharon will be attending.

Sharon did an online poetry workshop with Sarah Ann Winn, a writer she took a Loft Class with a while ago. There were 10 short morning meetings with prompts (Sharon was only able to attend one on July 4) and then all the prompts were emailed out to the attendees at the end.

Erin reported that there will be a Story Slam in Bemidji at the Bemidji Brewery at 7 PM on August 1.

The Northwoods Writers Conference in June in Bemidji was well attended. Erin did auditing; she was able to attend all events but the workshops.

At the end of June, Mike attended a book signing of the book The Meat Eater, a cookbook by Steven Rinella. This very popular author also wrote a book on how to get kids involved in the outdoors, Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars. He has written many other books also.

We had a good meeting, reading things we have been working on and critiquing the others. Hope to see you all next time!