May 17th 2009

Today we had our May meeting. The next meeting will be on June 21, 2009 from 12:30 to 3PM at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN.

Present: Sharon, Tarah, Niomi, Vern, Scott, John T, Harvey, Luke.

We are making progress on this year’s book. Tarah has the layout done. We are proofing in earnest. There was a nice write-up about our book in the Northwoods Press from Nevis.

Luke says there is a writers group starting up in Fergus Falls. This will include Alexandria and Morris. We wish him luck with this.

Our book release party for TS18 is still scheduled for Sept. 26, 2009 at Northwoods Bank Community Room in Park Rapids MN. It will probably start at 1PM. We hope to have flyers out soon. At this event, we will be handing out the free contributor’s copies. Faith Sullivan, one of our judges, will be present to give a talk and to introduce the winners. One or both of the other judges might also be in attendance. (Maureen Gibbon and Deborah Keenan.)

When submitting, form is very important. Manuscripts must be double-spaced.

When you make new versions of published poems, you should add II to the title. You certainly can change them even though they have been published.

Writing with prejudice is effective. Put your bias into the writing, into the characters.

Start as far into the action as you can with your first sentence and first paragraph.

Many of the attendees read things they were working on and we gave them our suggestions.

It was suggested that Tarah could put a sample form on the website that would show how we like to have the name and address displayed on the submissions.

Hope to see you next time!!