May Meeting Minutes 2020

Hello Everyone, Today we held our May meeting of JWB. This was our second virtual meeting.

PRESENT: Mary, Dawn, Mike, Ryan, Sharon.

TALKING STICK 29: We have chosen the cover and subtitle. This book will be dedicated to Luke Anderson, a fellow writer who died earlier this year. We are busy reading and proofing. We are hoping to publish as normal.

At this point, we are just not sure if we will be able to hold our annual workshop and book release party like normal. We are trying to contact Smoky Hills (The Branch) to get some information on them. Of course, things change daily, so we just don’t know yet if we will be able to have a gathering of a group of people or not.

Maybe our workshop could be done as a webinar online? We will be looking into that. If we think we might want to try that, we will do some experimenting ahead of time.

WRITING EVENTS: The Book and Art Festival in Hackensack in August has been cancelled for this year.

Most writing events are going online now. The Loft has all their events online now.

Mike says his book reading events have been cancelled but he does hope to get more books into book stores.

Dawn reminded us of the 6 word stories through Midway Journals. Go to their website for more information Then you mail your postcards with 6 word stories or artwork to Midway Journal, PO Box 425882, Cambridge Massachusetts 02142. This goes till 6-30-20.

MISCELLANEOUS: Mike told us that his third book, Crooked Lake Chronicles, has been chosen as a finalist for the humor category by Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA). There will be a virtual announcement of the winners on 6-27-20.

Dawn has been taking a class with LouAnn Muhm online. This class is on writing the short poem.

Mike intended to attend the virtual meeting of PRLAAC. He was not able to attend but he did get the minutes and told us about them. Nemeth Art gallery hopes to open July 1, 2020. The Great American Story and a Blank Canvas event have been cancelled. The Opera has been canceled. We did    send in some information on our group for Art Beat.

A good book for writers: The Hodges Harbrace Handbook, 18th Edition.

Several writers brought things to read and the rest of us critiqued. It was a good day! Hope to see you all next time.