May Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our May 16, 2021 meeting.

PRESENT: Sharon, Mike, Dawn, Jan, Marlys, Mary, Niomi


The Book: We are progressing on TS30. We are doing this on a laptop now and Tarah and I pass the laptop back and forth as we each need to do things.

Possible book party: Things do seem to be opening up again. Possibly we could have a book release party this fall. We have heard that Smokey Hills Resort has new owners. We will try to contact them. Due to Sharon’s work load right now, it would probably have to be October instead of September. And then we could run into snow.


Mike attended the May meeting. They will not be having the short story event this year. They will be having various events during the summer and fall.


Marlys is taking a course or class through Insight Timer called Facing the Blank Page.

Playwriting Workshop, June 12-18. Contact

North Beach Writers’ Retreat has 3 online retreats this summer. Patricia Hampl will lead a virtual memoir writing retreat June 12-13. Patricia Smith will lead a virtual poetry writing retreat June 17-18. Also MN author Shannon Gibney will lead a virtual young adult fiction writing retreat June 25-26. A couple of new classes this year include a Creativity class and a Healing through Writing class. More info:

Blank Canvas Gallery Art Show Revisited August 11-15, 2021 at the Park Rapids Armory.

Places to check for online classes:

Places to submit:

We had a great time critiquing each other’s work. It seemed like we had some exceptionally fine writing today! Hope to see you all next time.