November 15th 2009

Today we held our November meeting. The next meeting will be held on Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009, at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3PM.

Present: Sharon, John, Deb, Jerry, Marion, LuAnne, Beverlee

We will be having a board meeting soon, in early December, to discuss the next book, TS19. The Nevis Muskie Days committee had expressed interest in doing a 20×20 event in 2010. They have now told us that they will not be able to do it in 2010 but would perhaps like to do it in the future.

Sharon is going to have a photograph published in Minnesota Moments magazine in the January/February issue.
John had 3 haiku and 1 poem published in Byline Magazine.
Beverlee was very involved in the play at Lake George and they plan to do a sequel.

Jerry mentioned again that the Lake Region Writers Network event was a great success. Luke is very involved with this. Jocelyn Hale spoke at that event. She is the Executive Director at the Loft.

There was a reading from TS18 for the residents at Heritage Living Center in Park Rapids MN. Tanya, Deane, Judy, Vern, Niomi, and Marion all read.

The catalog with the Loft Creative Writing classes is now available.

Go to for an interesting concept about getting one story published. This is a nonprofit literary magazine that features one short story mailed to subscribers every 3 weeks.

We had a great short meeting but lots of laughs. Several writers read what they have been working on. Jerry has a great new story!

See you all next time!