November Meeting Minutes 2018

Hi Everyone, today we held our November meeting.


Jan, Dawn, Sharon, Ryan, Marlys, Pete, Lina, Toni.


We have begun sending out invitations for the May 2019 writers’ retreat that Ryan is planning at his resort. We have two signed up. We have one that says she can’t afford it this year. We have at least one more interested. We know we are way early, but we will keep sending reminders. We need six more.


We will put out our call for submissions sometime in December. The Board of Directors will vote. We will probably stay with our shorter submissions and we will keep the humor prize again. That added a lot of fun to the book release party. Check the JWB website at now and then through December. The deadline will be March 1.


We are close to being finished with Jan’s friend’s book. We are also working on Richard’s next poetry book. Sharon is working on her fourth poetry book. Mike will have his third book of short stories to us around the first of the year.

Suggested excellent book: Stephen King, On Writing.


Dawn attended a Storyteller’s Slam in Bemidji. There were seven writers who got up and either told or read their stories. It was called “Finding Your Voice” and had cash prizes. Sometime before the event, they had had a professional storyteller put on a workshop.


May 10-14, 2019 The Writer-Warrior Workshop at Crow Wing Crest Lodge in Akeley MN. This is a five-day, four-night immersive workshop. The instructor is Kim Kessler. Contact for more information.

March 22-23, 2019, Third Annual Rosemount Writers Festival in Rosemount, MN. or


We always say, “Show, don’t tell.” Another good phrase: “Don’t draw the conclusion—show the evidence.”

We handed out some prompts. Go to the website for Poets & Writers to find good prompts.

We took turns reading things we are working on and the others critiqued. It was a good meeting. Hope to see you next time!