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February Writers’ Meeting

Hello Everyone:

Today we held our Feb 17, 2013 meeting. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, March 17, 2013, at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3PM.

Mike, LuAnne, Marlys, Sharon, Jerry, Betty

We are receiving submissions. So far, we have received from 50 to 55 submitters, each person sending in 1 to 4 pieces.  Hopefully, we will get a lot more in the next two weeks.
We have our 3 judges decided and we are close to deciding on our workshop for the Book Release Party.
We plan to have the Book Release Party on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, at Blueberry Pines, the same location as last year.

CarolAnn Russell, Bemidji–the Spoken Word Series.
The Art Center Spoken Word Committee invites you to join us on March 1st as a part of the First Friday Art Walk for a reading by Poet Carol Ann Russell. Reception begins at 5:30, reading at 6 pm with Q&A and signing to follow. This event is free and open to the public.
Poetry Workshop Offered – In conjunction with the reading the Art Center will be hosting a writer’s workshop with Carol Ann Russell – on Saturday March 1st from 9 am to noon.  $40 for Adults / $20 for Students.   Space is limited.
The POEM as Kaleidoscope –  An individual’s poem contains not only a map of undivided consciousness, but also the potential for generating work in other genres:  creative nonfiction; memoir, short fiction; experimental writing. Bring 3 pages of your typed poetry for discussion and critique. Will include dynamic exercises and ideas to stimulate new writing.
To register, call the art center at 218-444-7570.  The BCAC is free and open to the public.  Visit the BCAC and Shop 426 at 426 Bemidji Ave N (upper level of the Historic Carnegie Library on 5th St) or at www.bcac.wordpress.com  For information contact us at (218) 444-7570 or at bcac@paulbunyan.net Hours are Tues. to Fri. 12 to 5pm and Sat. 10am to 2pm.
Upcoming Spoken Word Events
June – Minnesota Poet Laureate – Joyce Setphen – June 21st and 22nd
September – Non-fiction writer – Tom Evans – September 6th and 7th

The Art of Subtext by Charlie Baxter
Burning Down the House by Charlie Baxter
Reindeer Camp by Bart Sutton

Several writers took turns reading what they have been working on. The rest of us critiqued. We had such a good meeting today with great writing and lots of laughter. Hope to see you next time!

January Writers’ Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Today we held our January meeting, a week late due to the extreme cold last Sunday. The next meeting will be held on Sunday, February 17, 2013 from 12:30 to 3 PM at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN.

PRESENT: Sharon, Marlys, Jerry, LuAnne, Deb

TALKING STICK 22: We have sent out the call for submissions for TS22 and we are receiving them, both in the mail and electronically. The deadline is March 1, 2013. Full details and guidelines are found BY CLICKING HERE. We are still working on cover details, judges, grant, etc.

NEXT 20X20: We are considering doing another 20×20 book in 2014. This time we would like to do the writing first and then the art will be created from that. We have a list of writers that we will be contacting later in the year of 2013 to get that started. We will probably wait till after TS22 is mostly completed.

WRITERS’ GAMES: Sharon received from really fun games for Xmas that are especially fun for writers. Haikubes: This is a bunch of cubes like dice with words on each side. You use the words on these cubes to create Haiku poetry, with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, 5 in the third. This was really quite challenging. Try it!
Liebrary, The Game Where the First Line Speaks Volumes: This is a game using the first lines of books. One person will read the title and a description of a book. All players must write out what they think the first line of the book could be. Their answers, along with the real answer, are then read to all the players and they each must choose the one they think is the real one. What a great idea! Try it out too.

NANOWRIMO: Deb did her Nanowrimo class in November. She had 7 people, all new to the event. 5 of them completed the 50,000 words required. The writers appreciated Deb’s helpful feedback and what to do if you are stuck and what to do with your manuscript when you are done.

MISCELLANEOUS: Sharon is editing Elisa’s book and enjoying it immensely. Jerry’s book is still going through content editing by Deb. Niomi is working on her memoir and meanwhile nursing her husband back to health after an injury and surgery.

WRITING EVENTS: Marlys and Jerry attended Writers’ Boot Camp with Angela Foster and Candace Simar. This was not for first time writers. Topics included: point of view, tense, great handouts like a character inventory, etc.  They thought it was an excellent class and the time was very well managed.
From that, Jerry read Charlie Baxter’s book The Art of Subtext and he thinks it was life-changing. It is as important what you don’t say as what they do say.  Use senses and smells. Know what your character wants. You don’t always get what you want, but try giving the character all he wants and see what happens. What is the thing that no one knows about your character. Don’t make your characters all bad or all good. Let your characters yearn for something, be vulnerable to the point of destruction. Let them have a passion for things. Other good books include: The Emotion Thesaurus and Your Book Starts Here.
Marlys took a online class on Flash Fiction at the Loft with Rochelle Hurt and really enjoyed it. The class taught about white spaces and hinting at things, good critiques. It also mentioned Hint Fiction, telling a whole story in 25 words.
We mentioned Pam Houston’s books and how much we enjoyed them. Also Louise Erdrich’s books.

GREAT AMERICAN THINK-OFF: New York Mills Regional Cultural Center announces its 21st annual Great American Think-Off.  This years topic: Which  Is more ethical:  sticking to your principles or being willing to compromise?  Details, including due dates (April 1), word count (750), entry fee (none), and prizes ($500 to each of four winners) can be found on the NYMRCC website — kulcher.org.  Go to Arts and Culture on the main menu and select Great American Think-Off.

Good meeting today! We took turns reading things we were working on and gave each other helpful comments. Hope to see you next time! Don’t forget to send in your Talking Stick submissions!

December Writers’ Meeting

Hi Everyone, Today we held our December meeting. The January meeting will be on Sunday, January 20, 2013, from 12:30 to 3PM at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN.

LuAnne, Mike, Niomi, Scott, Sharon

TALKING STICK: We will soon be sending out the Call for Submissions for Talking Stick 22. Tarah is getting it on the website.

JACKPINE WRITERS BLOC WEBSITE: Tarah has placed a donation button on the JWB site for easy use. Some of our members had requested this.

MISCELLANEOUS: Jerry wrote a letter showing our support for the Armory Square Art Center. The Board members reviewed it and it was sent to Paul of PRLAAC. We can envision using this space for Book Release parties and workshops.
We are now on the email list for the Library so we will receive notification of writing events there.

OUR WRITERS: Jerry is progressing nicely on his Good Shepherd book. All the stories are now written and various people are reviewing them.
Scott is going to be the editor for a new book on Philip Jose Farmer’s work. This is Sci-Fi. Scott and his wife have also just opened a new book store in Park Rapids.
Mike just had a story and photographs about black powder muzzleloader hunting published in Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine.
Niomi is working on her memoir and we discussed her whole concept today. We can’t wait to see the whole thing.
Shasha Porter of MPLS has completed her book called Canvas. This is an interactive journal for navigating difficult transitions. This is a neat book with room to write and draw as you work your way through hard situations and life changes.
Congrats to all of you!

GOOD INFORMATION: Check out Mary Carrol Moore’s blog. She often has excellent checklists for revisions or line editing. Very helpful.
Check out Book Baby. They also have great tips for editing.
Scott showed us his new toy, a Samsung Note. Amazing all the things it can do. Check one out.

Some of our writers read things they were working on and the rest of us critiqued. Another excellent and productive meeting! Hope to see you next time!

Talking Stick 22 Call for Submissions!

Announcing The Talking Stick Volume 22 call for submissions! The guidelines are now out and we have also released our brand new (and improved!) electronic submission form. CLICK HERE. Remember to read through the entire guidelines before submitting to The Talking Stick, the word count for fiction has been increased this year, if you do not adhere to the guidelines there is a very strong possibility that your work will not be considered.


Talking Stick 21 – Book Release Party and Workshop!

Book Release Party for Talking Stick 21 is the afternoon
of Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012 – Click here

Revision with Linda Lein as instructor–that is the morning
of Saturday, Sept. 15, 202 – Click here

We have a new location this year! We will be at Blueberry Pines Golf Club located on Highway 71 between Park Rapids and Menahga, MN. Please let us know right away if you will be attending one or both events. The workshop is limited to 30 attendees.