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April Writers’ Meeting

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our April meeting. The next meeting will be held on May 20, 2012, at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids, MN, from 12:30 to 3 PM.

Niomi, Mike, Deb, Marlys, LuAnne, Sharon.

Tarah is working on the layout and Sharon has started proofing. All letters have gone out and all winners have been called. Now contracts are coming back in. We are probably going to do this year’s book on CreateSpace through Amazon.com. Starting with Volume 12, we had been using Morris Publishing. We think this change will save us both money and time.

Coming up on April 21 is a writers’ collaboration put on by Region 2. Jerry and Sharon will attend, maybe others. This is writers’ groups getting together and working together.

LuAnne is having an Earth Day event near her house on Long Lake on April 22, 2012 at 11:30.

We talked about blogs. Deb and Tarah both have their own blogs and LuAnne is considering it. We asked if bloggers use their blogs to keep in touch with friends and tell them their news. We asked if they used it more as a sounding board, a place to spill out their feelings, explain it, hash it out, maybe come to a resolution in your own mind. One person wondered if you found that you spent so much time and energy on Facebook and blogs and emails that you might not have enough energy or time left for your own writing. It seems that people blog for all of the above reasons. It seems that some people actually are able to take ideas from their own blog and use some of the ideas, words, and lines to put into a poem or story or novel. That, of course, can also be done from journaling.

Several of the writers in attendance were working on things that they shared with the others. Sharon had even had time to write a poem! We commented and critiqued merrily. The great thing about our group is that we all speak up and say what we think–we know that there are no wrong answers or wrong comments. We take them all in stride and the writer may or may not use them. But we all learn from this process.

One person mentioned that if they sit down with a book by a favorite poet and just read for a while, sometimes that can completely inspire them and they can sit down and write new poems more easily.

This day was cool and wet and gloomy–the rain was coming down sideways. It was unpleasant to be outdoors but it was a great day to have a meeting inside where it was dry. It was a great day to hold a hot cup of good coffee and to talk with other writers about writing and reading and the unending mysteries of life itself. We had a great conversation and we hated to leave. It was one of those days where we probably could have talked easily for many more hours.

Hope to see you next time!

March Writers’ Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Today we held our March meeting. The next meeting will be on April 15, 2012, at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3PM.

Present: Jerry, Scott, Kathy, Deb, Betty, Marlys, Sandy, Sharon.

We had our Editorial Board meeting on March 11 to choose which submissions will go in the book. Tarah is starting on the layout. Sharon is working on filling out the NO and YES letters and the contracts. They will go out in a few weeks. Sharon sent in the Region 2 grant paperwork and we will hope for the best. Walmart did not give us funds last year, but we will try again this year.

The meeting at the Park Rapids Armory will be held tomorrow at 8AM. Jerry plans to go to represent us. We are hoping that there will be meeting space, workshop space, rooms for classes, etc.

Winter Retreat for Writers, this coming Saturday March 14 from 9 to 5 at Headwaters School of Music and the Arts in Bemidji. CarolAnn Russell. Call 218-444-5606 with questions. $75.00.

Many good classes at the Loft. Deb is taking an online Loft writing class with Mary Caroll Moore.

First Saturday in October at Lake Region. Scott and his wife will put on a class called Cross-Wires. This will deal with creating realistic characters using the traits of personality disorders.

Something that is very helpful is free flow writing. Get it all down fast while it is in your mind–the you will have something to work with later.

Jerry reminded us again of writing Glimmers–just a brief description of a scene, an occurrence, an AHA moment, etc.

Congrats to Marlys for her honorable mention in the Writers’ Digest Poetry competition with her poem In Vogue. Great poem.

Remember NANOWRIMO, writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November? Now we have the opportunity to write a 100 page screen play in the month of April. See below at the bottom of this email for more details. Scriptfrenzy.org.

Good meeting today. Hope to see you all next time.

February Writers’ Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Today we held our February meeting. The next meeting will be held on March 18, 2012, from 12:30 to 3PM at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN.


Sharon, Jerry, Deb, LuAnne, Marlys


The submissions are coming in for TS21. Unfortunately, we have been having trouble with our electronic submissions. We sent out an email asking everyone who had used our electronic method to send me an email stating what they had sent. I have heard from many of you, but certainly not all. Please send any remaining submissions to sharrick1(a)wcta.net as an attachment. Be sure to also send your name, mailing address, bio, etc. in the email. Sorry for the inconvenience.


We are making plans for our Book Release Party in September 2012. Tentative plans are that we will hold it at Blueberry Pines this year on Saturday Sept. 15. We are planning to have a workshop from 9 to 12, then lunch, then the Book Party from 1 to 5, approximately. Information will be sent out when things are finalized.


Jerry attended a meeting in Bemidji recently. This was the KBXE Community Meeting. This is a new radio station. The two stations will share the same program content. The programming will have a large art/culture component. We look forward to future possibilities.


Tarah Wolff has now completed her book Embraced by Darkness, a fantasy novel. Sharon Harris has completed her poetry book Unspoken. Last Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012, they did readings and signings at Beagle Books as part of the third Thursday Art Series in downtown Park Rapids. They had a great time and a nice turnout. Both books are available on Amazon.com. Embraced by Darkness is also available as an e-book.


In January, Jerry had a small group of writers at his home for a retreat for several days. They all had projects they were working on. They spent time writing, reading, and critiquing. It was a great time.


When writing stories or novels, as you are creating your characters, ask yourself: What does this character want?

We enjoyed meeting Marlys today. We hope to see her again at the next meeting!

January Writers’ Meeting

HI Everyone,

Today we held our January Meeting. Our February meeting will be held on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3PM.


Mike, Sharon, LuAnne


We have started to receive submissions for TS21. We have an early deadline of Feb. 20 this year. We will send out reminders.


LuAnne watched a Teleconference called How to Bake Your Book.


We thank everyone for their donations. It looks like we will still need to get a small grant for this year’s book.


Mike has been having some great success with his writing. He had pieces published recently in three different magazines and is working on a fourth one. Congrats, Mike.

Sharon has finished her third poetry book Unspoken. Copies will be available soon.

Tarah’s big fantasy novel is now finished. It will soon be available.

Hope to see you next time! This January meeting seemed to fall so early–maybe our low attendance today was due to that.

December Writers’ Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Today, Dec. 18, 2011, we held our December meeting. Our next meeting will be Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012 at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3 PM.

Present: Deb, Cindy, John, Sharon, Christine, Scott, Jerry.

We had a short meeting today so we could have a board meeting at 2PM. Marilyn and Tarah joined us for that.

The call for submission for the next book is out on the website and we are already receiving submissions. The deadline is a bit earlier this year–Feb. 20, 2012.

Thank you so much to all who responded to our Friendraiser letter. Your generosity will enable us to keep on publishing our TS books.

Sharon has received a few advance copies of her third poetry book Unspoken. Tarah’s big fantasy novel is almost complete and ready to go. That will make 6 books this year.

Deb reported that she had 6 people in her Novel in a Month class for the month of November. 4 or 5 of the 6 finished their 50,000 words.

Deb is taking an online writing course with Mary Carroll Moore called Your Book Starts Here. Deb has gone to retreats with this same author at Madeline Island in Wisconsin.

Most of the writers read some things they were working on. It was good to see Christine and Cindy again–it has been a while. Cindy is working on short stories and sending to magazines. Christine has started a story that may evolve into a book. Jerry is still working on his collection of stories for his next book. It was good to see John T again also–he caught us up on all his monthly collections of new poems. Keep up the good work, all of you!

Thanks to all who attended–we had a great meeting.