April 22nd 2007

Today we held our April JWB meeting. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, May 20, 2007 at Beagle Books in Park Rapids MN. We are not sure yet if we will need to continue at our earlier time of 12:30 to 3 PM or if we can go back to our usual time of 1:30 to 4 PM. We will let you know.

Today we had ELEVEN people at our meeting. It was one of those magical days when we seemed to be on the same wave length, enjoying our conversation so much, even though we all write in such different genres, we have such different opinions, etc. We enjoyed it so much that at least half of us had to meet up after the meeting, have coffee and more conversation. This is when talking about writing is almost as good as doing the writing.

Sharon, Jody, Scott, Jan, LuAnne, John T, Jerry, Nancy, Niomi, John C, Russ.

We had submissions from 148 writers last year. To date, we only have 48 this year. This seems strange. The main reason for this is probably the May 1 deadline instead of June 1. We may have to extend the deadline a bit. Everyone needs to get their work sent in!!

We have our three judges for TS16. Two of the three should be able to attend the Annual Celebration on Aug. 11 and we have a workshop set up that day by one of them. The names will be announced later.

Many opportunities at the Loft. Moorhead State is having a retirement party for Mark Vinz. Jerry will try to attend.

There is a tool in Word that may be helpful to many of us. It is called Track Changes. When you turn it on, when you make changes, the changes show in red and there is room for notes on the side of the page. That way others can read your changes, insert comments, etc. When you go back, you can click on Accept or Reject for each change. This is either under Tools or Format or Options.

Jerry is still working on the last story for his book, hoping to get it to Tarah soon. Jackpine Writers’ Bloc will be publishing his book.

We love it as writers when we get so caught up in each other’s energy like we did today.