April Meeting Minutes 2020

Hello Everyone, Today we held our first-ever online JWB monthly meeting. It was a success!


Ryan, Sharon, Mary, Marlys, Mike, Cindy, Lina, Deb, Erin, Dawn.

TALKING STICK 29:      The Editorial Board chose the submissions that would go into the book. Their favorites, with names removed, were sent to our celebrity judges so they could choose first and second places. The letters will be sent out this week.

     We plan to move ahead with getting the book published as usual. We hope that the world will be back to normal so that we can have our Workshop and Book Release Party on September 19, 2020, as we are planning. We will send out information on that later.

WRITING EVENTS:     It seems like most writing events for April have been canceled or postponed or moved to online.

     The Northwoods Writers event at Bemidji State University in June will now be online.

     The PRLAAC meeting for April was canceled.

     The MIPA event to announce winners will be rescheduled and probably done virtually.

     The deadline for MN Voices was 4-1-20. They still had the poets submit but were not able to have a meeting. They will be publishing a booklet.

     We were told that there is a Save the Post Office event. You can find out more about it on the Midway Journal website. You write a six word story and mail it before June 30. Send to PO Box 425882, Cambridge Massachusetts 02142.

     We were told that Billy Collins is reading a poem every day at 4:30 on Facebook. (I have not been able to find it since I’m not on Facebook and I don’t have a Smartphone but if someone can find it, I bet it’s great. If we can get the info, I’ll send it out.)

Almost everyone brought something to read. We had sent it in ahead of time so we each had a copy. Then we had each person read their own and the rest of us critiqued. It was so good to see everyone and to be able to share the time together today.

Since this online meeting seemed to work, we will do this again in May if we need to. Hope to see you all next time!