April Meeting Minutes 2022

Hello Everyone, today we held our April meeting. Our May meeting will be held on May 15, 2022.

PRESENT: Sharon, Dawn, Mike, Erin, Marlys, Ryan, Jan.


The book is slowly progressing. The Accepted and Not Accepted letters will be going out shortly. The prize money winners have been chosen by the celebrity judges but they have not been notified yet.

Sharon is going to start on the proofing soon and Tarah will be working on the cover and the layout of the book.


As of now, we are planning a book release party on Saturday, September 17, 2022. This will be at Smoky Hills Resort near Osage, now renamed Jackpines Resort. There are new owners. Sharon plans to visit the site soon to see what changes have been made, discuss the day’s events, discuss lunch, get information for flyers for the book release and a workshop, etc.

We had been planning a virtual workshop but now we can have that in person also. We hope to have flyers for both events to be ready in May.

As we usually do, we will probably have the workshop from 9 to noon followed by lunch for the workshop attendees. Then from 1 until approximately 4 PM, we will have the book party. Hopefully some writers will choose to stay overnight at Jackpines Resort either Friday or Saturday nights. Usually, a few of the writers will have supper at the resort after the book party. It will be great to be back in person again.

 We hope to promote our writers’ books at this book party. They can bring their books to sell and perhaps we can have them do some readings or talk about their books if they wish.


No one was able to attend the Heartland Arts meeting (PRLAAC) this month. They have changed the meeting dates.

 Erin did a reading from her new book at the Bagley Public Library on April 21, 2022. She had 20 to 25 attendees.

 Jerry and Mike plan to do a reading on May 7 at 10 AM at the Wilson County Store in Ottertail. Email Mike for more information: crookedlaketales@gmail.com.

 Life Writing Retreat at Crow Wing Crest Lodge May 21-22, 2022. contact sthpoet@gmail.com or relax@crowwing.com.

 Northwoods Writers Conference Monday June 20 to Sunday June 26, 2022. at Bemidji State University. www.northwoodswriters.orgwritersconference@bemidjistate.edu.

Poetry Safari. Poetry will be selected for display throughout the Northwoods Arts and Book Festival in Hackensack on August 13, 2022. Submit by June 15, 2022 to kokoropoets@gmail.com. Questions to same email. You can submit up to 3, one per page. Each poem must fit on one 8 ½ by 11 page.


Ryan told us about the methods he used to get his two books on voice recorded books. He used Draft to Digital and Find a Voice.

We took turns reading things we have been working on while others critiqued. Several of us wrote poems using the monthly set of words that we have been doing each month. We have had great fun with those.

Lots of good writing and good conversation. Hope to see you all next time! Maybe spring will actually be here.