April Meeting Minutes 2023

Hello Everyone, today we held our April meeting.

PRESENT: Ryan, Sharon, Mike, Erin, Marlys, Jan.


     Our submissions are all in and copied and we are reading now. We ended up getting quite a few of the creative twists and writers seemed to really like it. The Editorial Board will be held soon.

     Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023, is set for our book release party and a poetry workshop at Jack Pines Resort near Osage, MN.


     Sharon received some questions from Doug, a member of the board of Lake Superior Writers. They were asking about our group, what keeps us going, how we are organized, etc. They were going to meet for lunch but a snowstorm messed that up. They have gone back and forth with emails and answered their questions.

     Mike has been selling his hard cover books—not as many as his regular ones, but he is glad he got them. Ryan is having good luck with selling his books, both hard cover and paperback.

     Erin got an individual artist’s grant and gets to work with a mentor for 6 weeks. Wonderful!


     Mike attended Rosemount Writers. He had a whole table this year and that seemed better than half a table. He said that this year was better attended than last year. Lots of book sellers, lots of classes.

     PRLAAC—no one was able to attend this month’s meeting. We would like it if they would always have the event on Zoom so it is easier for one of us to attend. Mike reported from the previous month. Mike told them about the Creative Twist idea. Mike had filled out a survey for PRLAAC and won some money which he donated to JWB. Thanks, Mike!

     Dawn and Marlys went to a storytelling slam in Bemidji and enjoyed it immensely.

     There is a storytelling workshop on May 2 with Ann Marie Newman put on by www.watermarkartcenter.org. Visit the website for more information.

     Erin attended a Zoom meeting called “Let’s Get Weird” put on by Northwoods Writers. She also took a class from Frizzlit, learning about Emily Dickinson.

     Ryan is doing a Zoom meeting “For the Love of Writing,” pairing writers with high school kids for mentoring.

     Ryan also did a Zoom “Meet the Finalists Panel” with Friends of St Paul Public Library. Ryan is a finalist in the MN Book Awards.

     Good places to sell books: Nevis Sights and Bites, and the Dorset Art Fair.


The Fire She Fights by Tracy Moore.


Constraints breed creativity.

Life is a Gift; Love is the Point.

Fear and excitement present the same physical reaction in the body. When you are afraid of doing something, tell yourself you are just excited.

We all read things we were working on and others critiqued. We all had a good time and hated to go out into the latest snow. We are all so ready for spring. Hope to see you all next time!