August 15th 2010

Hello Everyone,

Today we held out August meeting. Our next meeting will NOT be on the third Sunday like it usually is. We will have our September JWB meeting on SATURDAY SEPT. 18, 2010, at 12 Noon right ahead of the book release party that starts at 1PM. It will be held at Northwoods Bank Community Room in Park Rapids MN.


Tarah, Mike, Scott, Richard, John, Jerry, LuAnne, Sharon


The Loft has a weekend workshop on writing the novel, starting this Friday Aug. 20.

Hackensack is coming up on Saturday, August 29. Sharon and Tarah and Richard and Jerry will go to sell books.

Our Talking Stick 19 book release party is coming up on Saturday Sept. 18.

Billy Collins will be in Bemidji on Sept. 25.

October 2 will be the next Lake Region Writers Network conference.

Headwaters Center for Lifelong Learning has its new schedule for September, October and November. The first session is about Blank Canvas Arts Gallery on Sept. 7.


The July 24 Short Shorts workshop at Jerry’s house was a great success. We had 19 people. What a great day! We had great food, great atmosphere, great teacher, great writers. We had many writing exercises. We are considering making this an annual event.


Scott brought his laptop and gave us a demo on an excellent new version of a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. You can talk to your computer and it will type for you. It will also work with headphones and microphone. You can tell it to go back and make corrections. It looked like something that would be very useful.


Tarah suggested that we all have a look at this website. Check it out!


Richard’s second poetry book is now available. Talking Stick 19 will be here soon.

The Wolff family (which includes Tarah and Sharon) are having an exhibit of photos, paintings, pottery, carvings, etc. at the North Country Museum in Park Rapids MN until August 28. We had a reception there today from 2 to 6PM so we cut our JWB meeting a bit short. The Museum is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:30 to 4:30 PM. Phone 218-237-5900. 2nd floor of the Historic Hubbard County Courthouse, 301 Court Avenue, Park Rapids MN.

Several people read what they were working on and the rest of us critiqued. Good work!

Hope to see you all next time at the book release party!