August 19th 2007

Today we held our August Jackpine Writers’ meeting. The next meeting will be held at Bella Cafe in Park Rapids MN on Sunday September 16, 2007, from 12:30 to 3 PM.

Present today: Tarah, Sharon, John T, Jan, and 4 new people, Bette, Luke, Diana and Paula. Welcome!!

Tarah and Sharon are still proofreading and editing. We hope to have the book sent to the publisher by Labor Day. Getting pretty close.

We had a great time at our annual celebration last Saturday. Great attendance, excellent fiction workshop put on by William Kent Krueger. We had 27 people at the workshop and we had over 40 people for the meal and presentation afterwards. The three top winners were announced. Many writers read their submissions that will be in TS16.

We are considering having the annual celebration and the book release party on the same day. This is something we might do in 2008 or 2009.

August 25, Hackensack Art & Book Festival.
Sept 24, poetry workshop with Deborah Keenan–contact Cindie at
Oct 13, Sinclair Lewis workshop in Sauk Center
Oct 29, workshop on self publishing with Mark Munger–contact Cindie at
November–novel in a month promotion
November 5-11 Wadena Writers’ Week 2007
November 17 Book Release Party for Talking Stick 17, location to be announced, in Park Rapids MN

The Loft is the Twin Cities has some great writing instructors. They now are collecting works by Minnesota writers and they would like to have out Talking Stick books!! We will be sending them some of our newer volumes.

This is an online publishing company. The writer has to do all the work and upload PDF files. They put out a pretty nice looking book. If you want a really small number of books, this is a good way to go.

This is a website where you can go, type in Billie Collins, and hear some of his poetry.

We hope all of you attend the Hackensack Book & Art Festival on this coming Saturday August 25 from 10 to 4. Come to buy books, to listen to readers, etc. This is always a great day.

Our own Jerry Mevissen will have his book release party for his second book, Broken Hart, on Saturday Sept 1 at the J&J Bar and Grill in Nimrod MN, following the parade. That weekend in Nimrod’s Jubilee Days Celebration. Anyone who can come to support Jerry that day would be appreciated. Several of us are planning to go to help sell books, etc.

Dust and Fire at BSU will soon be accepting submissions again
Ariel Journal, email
Sacred Fools Press Submission email

Several of us brought things to read and received helpful comments. We had some excellent writings today.

Hope to see you all again!!