August Meeting Minutes 2022

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our August meeting. We will NOT have our regular September meeting as that would be the same weekend as our book release party. We may have a quick short meeting between 8 and 9 AM if we have time after getting all set up for the book party/workshop.


Sharon, Jan, Dawn, Mary.


Our Talking Stick 31 books should be arriving soon.


We’ve paid for half the event. I have to review lunch again soon. 19 have now signed up for the workshop; more like 30 for the book party. We plan to go up the Friday night before and get the tables set up. We will be there at least at 8 AM on Saturday morning to get set up.


     We are starting the proofing on Mike’s next book on hunting stories.

     Written on a T-shirt: I’m a Writer. What’s your Super-power?


     The Book and Art event at Hackensack (August 13) had a great day. They had more displays than normal, good music, and a bigger crowd than normal. Mike sold lots of books—in fact, he sold out of some of them. We sold a few TS books. Sharon sold some of her poetry books. Candace Simar had a presentation at Hackensack.

     At this event, they had something they called Poetry Safari. Writers were invited to send in poems. Two of John Thornberg’s were chosen. One of Sharon’s was chosen. These and 8 others were put on display throughout the event area. People were invited to find them all and write down the big letter that was on each display. These letters formed an 11-letter word. If you figured out the word, you won a journal.

We had a good time reading and critiquing each other’s work. Three of us chose to use the list of words this time. We had good conversations and hated to leave and go home. Hope to see you all next time.