May Meeting Minutes 2024

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our May meeting.


Ryan, Mike, Niomi, Sharon, Dawn, Marlys, Erin.


     The book is progressing. The first proof will be here early next week. We had a black and white copy of the cover to show everyone. We are using some of Dawn’s photos for the cover. We have almost all the contracts back. We are now working on the flyers for the workshop and book release party. The book party and workshop will be held on Saturday Sept. 14, 2024.

     We just got the second proof for Mike’s book The Last Cabin.


     Ben Franklin Books is having Mike do a reading from his books on June 15.

     The Author Fest is held that same day at the Armory.

     There is a crafts show in Nevis MN on June 9, 2024 and also book sales. The Dorset book sales event is on June 22, 2024.

     Mike attended the May meeting for Heartland Arts (PRLAAC). They discussed concerts, the Second street stage, opera, sculpture trail, the playwright workshop, and Art Beat. The Park Theater will be celebrating their 85th anniversary.

     Go to the Park Rapids Armory website to learn about various workshops such as drawing and paper quilling.

     Mike attended the book selling and classes event at Rosemount. He also attended an Authors and Anglers event.

We took turns reading things we have been working on while others critiqued. This was one of those meetings where we had such good conversations and we all hated to leave! Hope to see you next time!

April Meeting Minutes 2024

Hello Everyone,


Ryan, Sharon, Erin, Marlys, Dawn, Jan, Mary.


No one was able to attend the April PRLAAC meeting.


We got back the first and second place winners from the judges along with their comments. The letters have mostly gone out now except for the ones sent to the judges. Those will go out early next week along with judges’ comments. Winners have been called. We are working on a cover and subtitle for this year’s book.


We have completed Cindy Fox’s memoir, Black & White. We are well into working on Mike’s next book The Last Cabin as well as working on TS33. Jan is working on poems for her next book.

Recently, Lina Belar sent us information on Bookends Online Edition for National Poetry Month. This was via zoom on April 13, 2024. Several writers emailed to say that they really enjoyed this. We hope there are more events like this.

We had a lively meeting with most of us reading things we had been working on and the rest critiquing. Hope to see you next time!

February Meeting Minutes 2024

Today we held our February 2024 meeting.


Sharon, Mike, Mary, Jan.


We are receiving submissions. Be sure to get yours in. Deadline is March 1. We have our judges chosen and the instructor. Our workshop and book release party will be on Saturday Sept. 14, 2024 at Jackpines Resort near Osage.


     Sharon has just finished an online poetry class Writing Ourselves Home with Caryn Miriam Goldberg. This was a good class with lots of good writers attending.

     Sharon has just finished editing Elisa’s new book. She and Tarah are almost done with Cindy’s book. They just received the file for Mike’s next book.

     No one was able to attend the Headwaters Arts Council meeting for February.

     Northwoods Writers Conference is coming up—in June in Bemidji.

     The University of ND Writers Conference is usually held at the end of March.

     The Rosemount event is coming up in March. Mike will be attending that to sell books. They have 42 writers lined up to sell books.

Most of us read things we have been working on and the rest critiqued. We are still using the monthly word prompts and several of us used the words in poems.

Hope to see you next time!

January Meeting Minutes 2024

Today, January 21, 2024, we held our January meeting.

PRESENT: Ryan, Mike, Dawn, Sharon, Marlys, Erin, Jan, Mary.

TALKING STICK 33: Get your submissions handed in. They are starting to arrive. We are starting to think about judges and an instructor. We are set for Sept 14, 2024, at Jack Pines Resort for our book release party.

PRLAAC MEETING: Mike attended the January meeting. They discussed the DaVinci exhibit in Detroit Lakes, the tree lighting ceremony in Park Rapids and the Christmas Carol play at the Armory. Representatives from Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, the Minnesota State Arts Board, and McKnight Foundation visit the Park Rapids area occasionally to see how Legacy funds are being used. They are impressed with the amount of art events in the Park Rapids area.


  •      Eighth annual Rosemount Writers Festival and Book Fair will be held on Saturday, March 16, 2024, from 9 AM to 4:30 PM at the Steeple Center in Rosemount, MN. Any questions, email Sue Stein at Mike will be there to sell his books.
  •      Talking Stick submissions open now till March 1. See guidelines at
  •      Marlys will be attending a winter writers’ retreat with Candace Simar in February.
  •      Mike will be attending a vendor fair put on by the Walker Chamber of Commerce in February.
  •      Mike will be attending a national get together in MN from Outdoors Magazine in April.
  •      Sharon is taking an online writing class with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg called Writing Ourselves Home.
  •      Erin mentioned that the Northwoods Writers Conference will be held in June again in Bemidji at the college.
  •      Erin mentioned Good Enough Marketing with Emily. This is a book marketing support group through Watermark in Bemidji.
  •      Mary Casanova, author of children’s books, will be visiting many libraries in MN throughout April 2024.

MISCELLANEOUS: Nearly all of us brought things to read. We had a much longer meeting than usual while some of us read and the others critiqued. Ryan had previously read us a sample of Reversible Poetry. Read the poem from top to bottom and then read it bottom to top. Today Ryan read us his own Reversible Poetry. Quite amazing.

Jan, Sharon, Dawn, Erin, and Marlys read their poetry. Mike read us the last story in his next book The Last Cabin. We had a great meeting with lots of good writing and good critiquing. Hope to see you all next time.