February 21st 2010

PRESENT: Scott, Jerry, Deb, Mike, Vern, Sharon

Next meeting will be on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at Bella Caffe from 12:30 to 3 PM.


For some reason, our submissions are low this year. We hope that we will get a whole bunch this week and get us up to our normal 120 or 130 writers. We only have 70 so far with one week to go.

We have two judges for the book already. We are still working on the creative nonfiction judge.


There is now a Chanhassen Library writing group that Mike attended.

Jerry attended the Normandale College Workshop Midwinter Writing festival.

Jerry has also been attending the Loft Classes.


Deb is going to be teaching a class in October to help people to get ready for Nanowrimo in November. (National Novel Writing in a Month.) She will teach this for the Pine River/Backus area. Hooray, Deb! Let us know when you have more details.


Scott told us about a nasty virus that has been going around. You can be on an innocent website and this is embedded in the site so you don’t even know you are getting into it. It can really mess up your computer and lose data. We discussed the value of having a portable external hard drive always attached to your computer—you can have a program that will automatically backup your hard drive once a week. Even if it costs $100 or so, this would be a good investment.


Jerry mentioned that Borealis Books in Wadena had a leak in their ceiling and lots of water damage in their fiction and antique book section. They are temporarily re-locating across the street.

We had a good meeting today. John send some of his poems so we could read them and not miss out on his February batch of poems. Everyone else brought something they were working on. Most people had submissions for TS19.

Make sure you turn in your submissions for TS19, everyone! See you next time.