January Meeting Minutes 2016

Hi Everyone, Here are the minutes for today’s meeting. The next meeting will be on Sunday, February 21, 2016, at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3 PM.


Sharon, Mary, Jan, Marlys, Erin, Angie, Donna, Ryan, Jerry, Mike, Doug, Rachel. Welcome, Donna and Rachel and Doug.


We are receiving submissions for TS25. Be sure to get yours sent in. Deadline is March 1. Information is on our website:www.jackpinewriters.com. Keep in mind our book release party and workshop, tentatively planned for Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016. We may have a new location this year.


Sharon discussed the Brule concert she attended recently at Northern Lights Casino in Walker MN. It was fabulous. Excellent music and amazing Native American dancers. Sharon showed everyone a book called Hidden Heritage written by Barbara Marshak. This book tells the rather amazing story of Paul LaRoche, the founder of Brule. He was raised by white parents and knew he was adopted but it wasn’t until his adoptive parents died that he found papers and learned that he was Native American. He found his family in South Dakota on the Brule Reservation and later changed his last name to LaRoche. He was already a musician and then he combined his own music with Native American Music. Great story, great music.

Jerry put on a men’s writers’ weekend at his house this weekend. Four attended and spent the weekend writing.

Jerry is also working on the Park Rapids museum anniversary. We have the month of August to promote our books there.


Jerry is still working on his Great American Story event with PRLAAC at the Armory for the fourth weekend in September of 2016, probably on Saturday, Sept. 24.


One writer suggested that you check out freedomwithwriting. This is a good place to look for places to submit, workshops to go to, etc.

Check out this poet: Jericho Browne.

We spent some time with writers reading to us what they have been working on and then the rest of us critiqued. An excellent meeting with high attendance on such a cold day!