July 17th 2011

Hi Everyone,

Today we held our July meeting during our benefit golf tournament to earn money for our Talking Stick book. Between the heat and stormy weather, we had a small turn-out for the tournament, but we made the best of it. We had lots of good food and we held our July meeting.

The next meeting will be back at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids, MN, on Sunday, August 21, 2011, from 12:30 to 3PM.

Jerry, LuAnne, Tarah, Marilyn, Sharon

TS20 has finally been ordered. We are way behind our normal schedule, but should get the books by the first week of September. In the book, we mentioned our grant from Itasca Mantrap. Jerry is working on a grant from MN Power and we put that in the book too, though we won’t know for a while if we will receive any funds from them. Jerry is also working with Wal-Mart but that would have to be for next year’s book.

20×20 EVENT:

We will probably only do this event every 2 or 3 years. It will need to be scheduled differently–probably later in the summer. We need to avoid June which is our hardest month with the TS book. The books have all been delivered or mailed to the 20 artists and 20 writers. Sharon still needs to finalize all the figures and do a final report for Region 2 and send them a book.
The 20×20 book is now available on lulu.com

Thanks again to Tarah for such a beautiful book! Here is the link for a quick and easy way to get right to the book on that lulu.com



There is an event on Friday evening Sept. 23 from 5 to 8PM that we have been invited to. We will alert our members who have their own books to sell and read from as well as other members who will help with selling TS books and reading. More information coming on that later. It will be 6 days after our Talking Stick 20 Book Release Party.
Jerry has agreed to represent our group at the PRLAAC monthly meetings in Park Rapids.

We need to start serious planning on the Book Release Party for TS20. We are planning it for Saturday, Sept. 17 at Northwoods Bank Community Room. We need to get a flyer done and email all the writers who were published in the book.

Remember that the Hackensack Book Art event is on August 20 this year. We need more people to go and help sell books.

Jerry will pursue this. We dropped this a few months back and he will get back to them. They had wanted us to do readings on the radio, among other things.

We mentioned that perhaps Tarah could put some of our events out on Facebook, like golf tournaments, book events, etc.

We need to have a board meeting soon to discuss finances. We really need to either have a different way of earning money for the book and the prize money–or we have to drastically change the way we do the book. We may have to quit or drastically reduce the prize money. We will save this discussion for a board meeting.

We noted that the Y Steak House has a Sunday Classic Series. Wm Kent Kruger, Will Weaver, LouAnn Muhm and other writers that we know will be in attendance. We wish we had known about this–these are things that many of us would like to attend. Norma Knapp will be at Beagle Books soon for a book signing with her book I Lost my Best Friend.

See you next time! Thanks to all who donated food for today’s tournament–Marion, LuAnne, Jerry–and thanks to Tarah and Marilyn for preparing the rest of the meal. Good job, everyone!