July 20th 2003

Today, July 20, we had our July meeting at Beagle Books. Present: Angele, Beth, Russ, Tarah, Sharon. The next meeting will be on Sunday, August 10, at Beagle Books in Park Rapids from 1:30/2:00 till 4PM


We had our editorial board meeting on July 12. We had 51 writers who sent in 144 entries. It was difficult to choose which ones to accept and which ones to reject. We were very happy with the quality and quantity that we received. The editorial board consisted of: Rosa Carlisle, Marion Holtey, Beth Walters, Tarah Wolff and Sharon Harris.
We are now in the process of doing the layout. We will soon be sending out acceptance and rejection letters. We are preparing mailing labels that we can use now and in the future. We will keep all e-mail addresses for future use.
We mentioned the idea of using some of the entries on our website in the future. There were a couple of writers that we just loved all of their entries. We may consider doing this at some point.
We will be ordering 300 books. They will be from 70 to 80 pages with about 10 photographs.


Cindie met with us at 1 o’clock today to discuss the progress on the workshops. There is one being planned for September 20 from 8 to 5 at the Park Rapids Library. This will be on writing for profit, how to write and sell your work. We may also have a second writing workshop regarding poetic forms.
We hope to be able to combine promoting the workshops with promoting TS12.


Russ will be taking a 15 week class in Moorhead this fall on the Craft of Prose. He promises to give us some tips as he learns. We should check again with BSU in Bemidji again also for writing classes.
Sharon’s poems that have been on display in Wadena (with a friend’s photographs) for the last three months will be moved to the New York Mills cultural center for August and September.
Angele attended Memoirs at the NY Mills cultural center recently. They had excerpts from a Hemingway novel, looked at style, discussed transitions, beginnings, endings, themes.
Jerry Mevissen has made progress on his book. It is entitled Nimrod Chronicles, Life in Nimrod, MN. There will be a book signing party in Nimrod during Nimrod Jubilee Days on August 30, 2003 at the Nimrod Community Center at 1:30PM.


We still want to do more poetry readings in the Black Moose or Emily’s Harvest or other similar places. We do think that we should wait till the book is out so we can have some of them to sell at the readings. We could also have posters and promote the workshops if they have not already occurred.