July Meeting Minutes 2021

Hello Everyone,

PRESENT: Niomi, Jan, Dawn, Sharon, Mary.

TALKING STICK 30 PROGRESS: We are still editing. We have ordered two proofs. We are on track to order the final book in August. We will not be having a book party this year due to a possible COVID resurgence. Some states are masking up again due to more cases.

We will be mailing out the books like we did last year. We hope that we can still have a book release party perhaps in October or November.

BOOK EVENTS: We will have a presence in Hackensack on August 14, 2021. We hope to sell lots of books. Niomi and Dawn will be selling books this year. We hope to be next to Mike again with his cabin story books.

Northwoods Writers Conference. This was all virtual this year. Dawn did auditing.

 Blank Canvas Gallery Art Show Revisited, August 11-15, 2021. They are having an 11 year anniversary celebration at the Armory Arts and Events Center.

 PRLAAC meeting—we were unable to attend the July meeting. It was noted that the concerts this year have been well attended.

Everyone who attended today had brought something to read. We had a great time listening and critiquing each other’s work. Most of us brought poetry but Niomi read us the beginning and end of her novel. We all enjoy these conversations. We love to talk about language and the way words work. Hope to see you all next time!