June 20th 2008

We had a quick board meeting today during the benefit golf tournament. Present were: Jerry, Scott, Sharon and LuAnne.

We discussed the 20×20 project. All artwork is at Beagle. I don’t have all the signed forms from the artists yet. The writers are now starting to come in to see the art. Two have already turned in their writings. We had a problem with an extra writer coming in–we still can’t figure out how that came about and we are trying to figure it out.

Scott is handling the book. He is going to go take pictures of all the artwork this week and start working on that. We had previously talked of getting one hardcover book for display. Soft cover books are what we will provide to all the artists and writers. Tarah should put a link on our Talking Stick website so people can go to lulu.com to order them later on. Then we don’t have to worry about shipping them; we would still earn something on each book. We thought these books were going to cost perhaps $12 each. For the cover, we thought we could use calligraphy for the title. We could put all the art pieces (small) on the front cover or perhaps extending to front and back both.

We need to get the book sent in soon. We are still proof-reading. Sharon needs to work on the contract and letter. She also needs to email Morris about their faster printing processes. Tarah needs to work on the cover and the photos on the inside. We need to put 2008 on the book, perhaps at the top of the back cover. Jerry suggested that the whole front page of the book should be blank, at least on the back of this front page. Perhaps only TS17 on the front of this first page.

Cindie, do you have a flyer for the Kate Hopper workshop on Aug 2?

This is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 20. We will need to meet on this fairly soon to get started and plan the agenda and get the info out to everyone in the book and also Kent Nerburn. Hand out books, meal, program, readings. We need to be sure to give everyone time to read.

We had beautiful weather for the golf tournament. We only had 4 teams, compared to 5 last year. We only got 15 sponsors instead of 18. So, we did bring in less money this year. Unfortunately, there was another golf course that scheduled their tournament on the same day as ours; otherwise we could have had several more teams.