June 25th 2006

We had a fun meeting today.

Present: Sharon, Tarah, Nancy, Russ, Ted, Jerry.

July 15, Poetry workshop with LouAnn Muhm at the Park Rapids library from 10 am to 3:30 pm.
Aug 5, Memoir workshop with Catherine Watson at the Long Lake Theater in Hubbard from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.
Aug 5, Third Annual Jackpine Writers’ Celebration following the memoir workshop. Meal first, then program announcing winners in Talking Stick 15.
Aug. 26, Saturday–Hackensack Festival
Under discussion–workshop by Faith Sullivan in Sept, Oct?
November–book release party

The Editorial board has met. Tarah has all the accepted submissions typed in. Now we start the proofreading and working on the layout. Right now it appears that we actually have way too much and we may have to cut more. 142 people submitted 303 writings. We may have to cut back on the number of books so it will cost about the same as last year, even if this book is bigger.

Cindie, Jerry and Sharon will try to meet this week to go see the second church they moved in by the Long Lake Theater. We hope that we will be able to hold the Memoir Workshop there. We may also have a board meeting that day.

Ted attended some of the readings at the Bemidji Writing Conference last week. We are glad that this has been very successful.
We are lined up to have a table to sell books at the Hackensack Festival. Sharon and Tarah will have their Lines and Light display up again.

Laura Hanson will read from her book Diving the Drop Off on August 5 at 2 pm at Sister Wolf Books in Dorset.

Jerry is still talking to Holy Cow! Press about possibly printing his next book. They are distributors and would sell the book. Sounds like it is going well. Good luck, Jerry. He plans to have a book of short stories. The stories all relate to different characters in the same neighborhood. They show up in various stories.

Tarah suggested a golf tournament to raise some money for our group. She and Marilyn will give us the information we would need, estimated costs, etc. We will discuss it at our board meeting. This could really help us out with the book this year.

See you next time!!