March 20th 2005

We had an excellent meeting today. Present were: Tarah, Cindie, Carolyn, Jerry, Russ, Jason, April, Sharon.

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, April 17, from 1:30 to 4 PM at Beagle Books in Park Rapids.


We reminded everyone of the meeting on Tuesday, March 22, from 1 to 2:30 at the Library in Park Rapids for the Headwaters Lifelong Learning group. Cindie, Jerry, Florence, and possibly Russ and Carolyn will be reading. They will have books to sell and handouts and business cards.


We have an excellent email network now. One person had a question about story tellers. Eight people responded with helpful tips and names. Great response.


We are on track with the book. The deadline is May 1. We need to have the Editorial Board meeting no later than the 2nd or 3rd weekend of May in order to stay on track. We have the Editorial Board chosen. We talked about the cover of the book. We hope to be able to use one of our own photographs some time.


The writers’ workshop on Saturday, March 19, with Florence Witkop was a great success. We had 9 writers present. Florence is very entertaining and a great teacher. She handed out loose leaf notebooks for us to keep our story ideas in.


Some upcoming events are:
Moorhead State University class, the Tom McGrath Visiting Writers Series at Moorhead State. Visit their website for further information:
Second Sunday at New York Mills Cultural Center, May 13, 3-5 PM, Sandy Opheim and Lori Horton wrote a children’s book.
Faith Sullivan is teaching an editing class “Life After the First Draft” at the Loft. for information on loft workshops.
Long Lake Theater in Hubbard is holding auditions for their first play of the season. Call Long Lake Theater for more information 218-732-0099.
Mark Vinz is having a poetry class Tuesday night at 7 PM at the Detroit Lakes Library. Call 218-847-2168 for more information.


Most of the people present read some things they were working on. Jason had done a write-up on a movie idea. It was called a treatment for a motion picture. He is looking for suggestions. Cindie suggested watching the credits at the end of a movie, seeing who the agents are and also looking at the acknowledgments of a book that is similar to his story. We will email the JWB network and see if anyone has ideas or contacts.


We did not have time for a writing exercise today, but here is one that we have tried in the past. First, write a sentence that is not true. Then keep writing, write a paragraph that continues on and is true. Second, write a sentence that is true. Then keep writing, write a paragraph that continues on and is not true.

Thank you all for attending!!