April 20th 2008

We had a great meeting today. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, May 18th at Bella Caffe from 12:30 to 3PM.

Present today: Sharon, LuAnne, Luke, Joanne, Rhoda, John, Russ, Scott, Jerry, and Christine.

Northwoods Press is doing a preview story on TS17 and how it is progressing. The Review Messenger might also run it.

This year LouAnn Muhm took some of our books to this event and sold some. Richard Hagen from the Cities assisted her at the table.

Our deadline was March 1, our Editorial Board met on March 15. The submissions for the book have been chosen and the top ones have been sent to the judges. The judges have already picked the first and second place winners. One top winner is from Park Rapids, one from Eden Prairie, and one from Wabasha MN.

Scott attended the last meeting and will attend future ones too. He reminded us that it is important for artists to network and attend and promote each others’ events.

Check out the Loft for future workshops. They have workshops coming up for Young People in July. 612-215-2587 www.loft.org

New York Mills Cultural Center will have a reading by Bill Holm on May 9, 2008. See their website for more information.

The Geraldine R Dodge Poetry Festival, Thursday Sept. 25-28, 2008. Waterloo Village, Stanhope, NJ. League of Minnesota Poets Bus Tour. www.grdodge.org/poetry for more information. Questions 218-330-1146 or email DodgeOrBust@gmail.com. www.mnpoets.org

Mary Oliver, poet, book Red Bird, gave a talk and a reading in March.

Russ mentioned a book by Steven Pinker on verbs and how they are used in construction of sentences.

Good books we recommend are: On Writing by Stephen King, Bird by Bird by Ann Lamont.

Several writers read things that they were working on. It was a good day and fun to see each other again.