March 21st 2010

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, April 18, 2010, at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3 PM.

Today we had such a fun meeting. It was one of those days with lots of laughter where we hated to quit talking and go home. Present: Vern, Deb, Scott, Jerry, Tarah, LuAnne, Sharon.


The Editorial Board met last Sunday the 14th. We chose all the submissions that will be going into the book. The top few of each category have already gone to the celebrity judges so they can pick the first and second place winners. Tarah is working on the layout and I have started getting the “no” letters and “yes” letters with contracts ready to send out to the writers. Soon we will be proofing!

Jerry had some suggestions for the Talking Stick books. We discussed the fact that in the call for submissions, we do stress the fact that our members of the board of directors and the editorial board can be published in the book but they are NOT eligible for the prize money. Jerry suggested that somewhere in the front of each book, we should mention again that these members are NOT eligible for prize money, etc. They could just have an asterisk by them or something.

Instead of mentioning one year rights to these published submissions, we need to change that to just first time publication rights.

We discussed simultaneous submissions. We decided that we do need to leave in the wording just as a safety precaution.


We discussed the 6 word short story contest that is on now.

Marilyn got a photo printed in Lake Country Journal for their photo contest.

Several of us saw Candace Simar at the library when she discussed her book Abercrombie Trail. She did a great job.

Someone mentioned that Will Weaver is now doing free lance editing. Check out his website for rates.

Lois Greiman has a presentation at Northwoods Bank Community Room this coming Tuesday at 1 o’clock. There is also a book signing at 11:30 at Beagle ahead of that.

Tom McGrath Visiting Writers Series, Spring Semester 2010 at Moorhead State University.


We need to check with Jen. How is her June workshop coming? Scott needs to finalize his April workshop information. Cindie is pretty much ready with hers for June. Jerry is completely ready with his July workshop.


When it comes time to invite the writers to the Book Release Party, we can add “respond soon because of limited space…”

What if all 3 judges come? We will need to start a lot earlier. What if we need a bigger place? The school, the Eagles, the Legion?

Several writers read things that they have been working on. We had a great meeting! Hope to see you next time!

Sharon and Tarah