March Meeting Minutes 2021

Today we held our March 2021 meeting.


Sharon, Ryan, Kim, Mike, Jan, Deb, Mary.


     We had our usual March 1 deadline. We are reading the submissions now. It seemed like we received more stories than usual, maybe because of the longer word length this time. We received work from 160 writers.

     We still can’t plan for a book release party or workshop this year. Maybe we could just have an online workshop again this year. And if we can have a book release party, we have no idea where we would have it. We need to keep thinking about these things and see how much longer COVID lingers on. We will work on our book like normal and see how things look later in the year.


     We are working on Mike’s fourth book Cabin Fever and nearing completion. He wants a different font this time and some other changes so this book looks different than his first three. He is now working on his fifth book.

     Mike attended the PRLAAC meeting for March. The armory is available for small events. Northern Lights Opera will have an event this year. They will not be doing the Great American Story.

     We took turns reading things we are working on. The word lists that we send out each month are still popular so we will continue to send them out as prompts.

     We had a great day of conversation and working on our writing. So good to see Deb and Kim again! We hope Niomi will be back again soon also.

     Hope to see you all next time!