May 15th 2011

Hello Everyone,

Today we held our May meeting for JWB. Our next meeting will be on June 19, 2011, at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3PM.


LuAnne, Mike, Scott, Deb, Carol, Sharon H


The book is progressing and is in the proofing stage now. We still don’t have all the signed contracts back.


We got a grant for this project and it is progressing nicely. We have the 20 artists at Blank Canvas all signed up. We have almost all of our local, core JWB writers chosen.


Sharon had a lady call her from Bemidji recently. This lady was nice enough to take the time to call and state how much she liked a certain poem by Sharon in Talking Stick 10. It was called The Chances I Never Took. She told of how she had loved a man once and he ended up moving away and they eventually each found someone else. She had never forgotten him and wondered how her life would have been if she could have gone with him. It is so gratifying when a reader takes the time to comment so thoroughly on how a poem or story really touched them. That was a great experience.


Several of our writers read things they were working on and the others critiqued. Mike had two articles published in the current Lake Country Journal magazine. Congrats,Mike!

We had a good time laughing and enjoying each other’s company. It was a lovely day and we adjourned early to get out and enjoy the weather.

Hope to see you next time!