May 16th 2004

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, June 13 at Beagle Books in Park Rapids from 1:30 till 4 PM. Once Beagle changes to their summer hours, we will be able to stay later if we want to.
Today we held our May 16, 2004 JWB meeting at Beagle Books in Park Rapids, MN. We had a great turnout today. We had two new people from Writers’ Guild — John and Doris. We also had two other new people, Sue and Ethlyn. It is always nice to meet new people and get new viewpoints and input.
Also attending today’s meeting: Jerry, Russ, Sharon, Tarah, Niomi and Rosa.
Doris also belongs to Bards of a Feather from the Walker/Hackensack area. She writes poetry and essays. The Writers’ Guild writers’ group has 10-12 members and they do critiquing of each others’ work. Sue is a reporter for Northwoods Press.


We have two workshops planned. The first is June 19 at the Library in Park Rapids. This is being put on by Florence Witkop. She also put on a workshop last year, but this is a new topic and new information. We encourage everyone to get signed up either by contacting Cindie Ekren at or Sharon Harris at We are also planning another workshop with Linda Henry. This will be held on July 31, the same day as our 10 year party.


This will be held in the evening of July 31, following the workshop by Linda Henry. Linda is the founding mother of our group, so we wanted to make sure she could attend. Faith Sullivan has been asked to attend. We will also be contacting other past members. This will be held at the Hubbard Long Lake Theater. We will have a program and readings. We may ask the Lone Wolf Players to put on a skit. We will have food and beverages, perhaps wine. We will be planning postcards, perhaps with a montage of all the covers of our past Talking Sticks. Cindie and Jerry and Sharon will be having a business meeting shortly to finalize our plans.


This will be held August 28 in Hackensack. They may decide to include writers again this year. Niomi says they will be sending out questionnaires soon to see how many of us are interested.


The New York Mills Arts Council would like us to be there either the second Sunday of October or November. We will verify. Jerry says he will attend. We will do readings from our current book. We will need to see how many of our writers would like to attend this.


We should get on the mailing list for the KAXE Grand Rapids newsletter. Heidi Horton has a program called realgoodwords and she invites writers to read. This can be taped ahead of time if we cannot attend in person.
Prime Life was mentioned as a magazine/newspaper that we can submit to.


Most of the writers present read some things they were working on. We always enjoy this very much and gave some suggestions and criticism. We did not have time to work on some of Russ’ writing exercises, but we hope we will have time next time.
Thanks everyone for a great meeting!!