November 16th 2008

So many people emailed and said that they could not make the meeting today. We did have 5 of us and we had a great time.

The next meeting will be on Sunday, Dec 21, 2008 at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3 PM.

Present today: Russ, Beverlee, LuAnne, Rhoda, Sharon.


Jerry was injured from a fall from his horse. He will be okay but will be recuperating for a while. If anyone wants to contact him, email Sharon at Jerry, we wish you the best and hope for a quick recovery!!


MN Literature will only be in existence for a month longer. We will miss them. They had good information about upcoming writing contests, etc. You could check out Northern Arts News and see if you like it. This is a publication of the Region 2 Arts Council.

Russ recommended a book called “The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature” by Steven Pinker. It discussed writing to describe movement versus action.

Russ took a class on acting and auditioning. Fargo Moorhead Community Theater, Charlene Hudgins. To be able to speak well, have a solid base when you stand, make good large motions from your shoulders, not just from your wrist, massage your throat muscles, hold your breath and count, speak and breath from your diaphragm, from your entire body. For more good info, go to: and


This is a wonderful book/program for recovering your art and making it a part of your everyday life. You revisit forgotten dreams from your youth–and ask yourself, what is stopping you now from following those dreams? You write every day, the 3 morning pages. You get it out, you solve problems, you find things that you can use in poems or writings later. You have an artist’s date each week to “refill your well”–you do something that refreshes you, in nature, an art fair, go to a play, etc. Pay attention to the synchronicity in your life. This can be a life-changing book.

We had 11 people in this 12 week class recently. We hope to give it again. The writers/artists loved it. They have continued on past the end of the program, going to WolffWorks for drawing/art classes.


The November Write a Novel in a Month project is halfway through. Cindie is still sending out the encouraging emails every few days. A few people are lagging behind, many people are right on track. You can still all catch up!! Keep on writing.

Several of the writers read what they were working on. We all had a great time!!