November Meeting Minutes 2017

Hi Everyone, Today we held our November meeting.

PRESENT: Sharon, Ryan, Jan, Niomi, Deb.

TALKING STICK BOOKS: We recently had a board meeting and started talking about the next book. We’ll be getting out the call for submissions in December. We’d like to go with shorts again and we will probably have special consideration and an extra prize for humor. The tentative date is September 22, 2018. We aren’t sure about the location yet but we will be investigating different options.

BOOKS: Sharon and Tarah are almost done with Doug’s book and they have already started on Louise’s memoir.

PRLAAC: At the November meeting that Niomi attended, she said they talked about the American Story Teller event in September. They are not sure that it will be continued but if it is, Niomi said she would assist.

Niomi learned that Region 2 has funds for workshops and they are interested in maybe doing one in PR. The funds came from donations for Betty Rossi who died last summer. (Betty was connected with Loonfeather Press and she was an advocate for writers in outstate MN but we don’t think she ever attended our meetings.) We discussed maybe doing a small workshop in April or May 2018—perhaps a morning workshop with a lunch. This could be at a smaller location like Red Bridge Inn, for example. We will continue to think about a possible instructor, subject, and location.

Sharon will contact Laura at Region 2 with questions about the funds. And Ryan is still very interested in having a writers’ retreat at his resort in May 2019 and will be seeking a grant for that.

MISCELLANEOUS NEWS: The Book World stores are closing. This seems like such a shame! We will miss them. They are beautiful stores and they sold our books and Mike’s and Jerry’s.

Deb is doing NaNoWriMo, the National November writing month competition, and using the opportunity to write another draft on a novel she has been working on.

As we were doing our reading today, one of our members said that there is a new age range for readers: ages 18-22 are called new adults.

We had a short meeting today as few people brought things to read. However, we had a lively discussion as always and critiqued each other’s work. Hope to see you next time!