October 17th 2004

Today we had our October meeting at Beagle Books in Park Rapids from 1:30 till 4 PM.
The November meeting will be held on SATURDAY, November 13 from 1 to 3 PM, right ahead of the Book Release party. The party will be from 3 to (?) right after the meeting. Contributors will be contacted. They can pick up their two copies of the new TS13 book. Anyone who does not pick up their book will receive it later in the mail.
Present today were: Jerry, Marion, LuAnne, Russ, Tarah, Sharon.


Sharon is now receiving information from Beagle Books whenever they have book signings or readings so she can pass it on to JWB people and other writing groups. She will also pass on information about plays at Long Lake Theater. LuAnne says she can pass on information about happenings at the Library and Museum also.
Jerry mentioned that we have been invited to do an interview and readings on KAXE with Heidi Holton on her show realgoodwords. Jerry will go and Marion might go also. One of the shows is on Thursday, November 11.
LuAnne mentioned that she is working on plans for a Historical Society contest involving stories about old time Park Rapids.

On Tuesday, October 26 at 1 o’clock, Mark Vinz will be at the Library in Park Rapids doing a book discussion.


This will be held on Saturday, November 13, from 3 PM to (?) at Beagle Books in Park Rapids. We discussed what each of us will bring as far as refreshments. Submitters can pick up their two copies of TS13 and buy more copies for Christmas gifts if they wish. We will be sending out e-mails and/or letters to let all TS13 authors and photographers know about the party date. We will also invite all JWB members and send info to other writing groups. Jerry will send special invitations to several people who have always supported us.

We will be getting books out to other bookstores also. As of this date, Beagle Books is the only store that has them. They are also available for sale on the website at www.Jackpinewriters.com.


Three of the JWB members had successes with their submittals to the Brainerd Writers Alliance contest recently. Sharon received honorable mention in the poetry. Marion received second prize in the poetry. Niomi got second place in the short stories.


We have already put information on the website about this, but we reviewed it again with our members who were present. We did not have many spectators, but we had a good time. Jerry, Cindie, Sharon and Tom attended for JWB and read. We got many questions about submitting and publishing.


Jerry, Cindie and Sharon had a meeting recently to discuss the Second Annual Jackpine Writers’ Festival. We want to have it by early August and this year, we want to have prize money for the top entry in each of three categories: Poetry, Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction. Jerry is getting contributors from prize money. We are not certain where we should have it at this point. Will the new Chamber of Commerce building have meeting rooms? The old Minn Power building? The new theater that is being built? Vacationaire, Timberlane? We would like to have three workshops next year, one of them the same day as the second annual party.


We will be sending out news releases very soon and contacting authors in TS13 about the book party.


Here are some books that we mentioned today that were good reading. The Writers’ Mentor, Spoon River Anthology, Population 465 by Michael Perry, Shadow Baby by Allison McGee, Sweet Grass and Clabbered Dirt by Gary Paulson.


Jerry has had great success with his book Nimrod Chronicles. He is now working on a book of short stories where some of the characters will keep turning up as neighbors or acquaintances in other stories in the book.

We finished the meeting with a joke by Jerry. Thank you for this bit of wisdom, Jerry.
*****The Four Stages of Memory Loss *****
1. You forget names.
2. You forget faces.
3. You forget to zip up your fly.
4. You forget to zip down your fly.