September 19th 2010

Today we held our September 2010 Jackpine Writers’ meeting at noon, followed by the Book Release Party for Talking Stick 19 at 1 o’clock. Both of these were held at Northwoods Bank Community Room in Park Rapids MN.

Present at JWB meeting: Sharon, Jerry, John, Scott, Russ, Vern, Tarah, Deb, Marilyn, Christine, LuAnne and new attendees Jeffrey and his wife. Welcome!

Lake Region Writers network has a big event on October 2, 2010.

Sinclair Lewis Writers Conference is also coming up on October 9. Kevin Kling and Robert Bly.

Moorhead State College, Tom McGrath series, Billy Collins, coming soon.

Billy Collins will be in Bemidji on Saturday, Sept. 25 at various events all day. Marsh from Bemidji brought tickets today.

Deb will be teaching a class on NANOWRIMO starting the last Tuesday in October (skipping Nov 2 for election day) and then every Tuesday in November. (National Novel Writing in a Month). Sign up through and click on Community Education.

Tarah had a photo published in MN Moments magazine. Northwoods Press published an article about our book party. Sharon got a popular choice in Hackensack with one of her poems called Mother to Child.

The Book Arts Fair in Hackensack on the 4th Saturday in August was a fun event. We sold lots of books and had a great day. Sharon and Tarah and Richard and Jerry and Marion manned the table.

Several of our writers read things that they were working on. We cut our meeting short to prepare for the book release party.

Hope to see you next time at our regular October Jackpine Writers’ meeting on Sunday, October 17, 2010, at Bella Caffe in Park Rapids MN from 12:30 to 3PM.

We had over 60 attendees at our Talking Stick 19 Book Release Party. Many writers as well as non-writers drove many miles from all different directions to attend our book party in Park Rapids. We were pleased to see old friends and meet many new writers. Sharon spoke about the history of the group and the procedures for our submissions and decision-making. Jerry then spoke about our Celebrity judges, Heid Erdrich, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, and Nathan Jorgenson. Next he introduced the winners of each category and invited them up to read. After that, anyone who was in the book was able to come up and read if they wished to. We all were rolling in the aisles listening to Vern read The Organist. We had many good laughs during the day and a few tears too.

Thank you all for attending. Also, we thank Marilyn and Tarah of Fair Havens Golf for putting on the benefit golf tournament earlier this summer to earn money for publishing our book. We thank Beagle Books for their support. We thank Northwoods Bank for the excellent meeting place. Thanks to all who brought food and helped with the work associated with our party. And thanks to everyone who submitted! We couldn’t do it without you!

We hope everyone enjoys the newest book as much as we do. We hope to get the free books mailed out soon to all those who were not able to attend the book party.