Workshop and TS21 book release party

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to all of you who attended our workshop and/or book release party on Saturday, Sept. 15 at Blueberry Pines.

First of all, our apologies for the lack of smoothness in our agenda. This was our first time in this location and our timing was off on some of the day’s events. Next year, we will make adjustments in several areas so we don’t have to make people wait and we won’t be starting anything before everyone has time to arrive.

The workshop was well attended and received lots of compliments. Linda Lein is a good instructor and she has some excellent ideas. During the workshop, the attendees did lots of writing exercises. Everyone got helpful handouts, plenty of starts of new pieces, and methods for revising old pieces.

Lunch was very good and so was dinner for those of us who stayed later. Blueberry Pines Golf Course is a beautiful setting for writing.

During the book party program, many of the writers read their published pieces and the winners received their checks.

Thanks to all of you who attended, purchased books, and/or contributed to our group. Thanks to you, we hope to be able to continue publishing these Talking Stick books! We are looking ahead to Volume 22 in 2013.

For anyone who wants to order more books, please order them from me for now. Later on, we will have them available on

Those of you who were published in the book but didn’t attend the book party, I will be mailing out the free books over the next few weeks. If you want to order extras to be sent with your free book, let me know right away how many and I can mail them together.

Thanks to all of you for your interest in our group and our books.